You must beware! Google slaps ban on these 16 dangerous apps; checklist, do it now to stop the loss


Google just banned 16 apps from the Play Store that were draining your phone’s battery and data! Control List.

android users must bring their attention to such dangerous apps which have been banned by Google from play store. The reason behind the decision to remove these 16 apps from Google Play Store is that they were draining the battery very fast leading to high network usage, even leading to data loss, etc. Amazingly, these apps totaled 20 million installs before they were banned from the play storeMcAFree security company report confirmed. The report indicates that the McAfee The mobile research team has identified a new Clicker malware who slipped into Google Play Store and infected 16 apps.

These malicious apps allegedly committed ad fraud on Android users, who end up opening web pages in the background to advertisements while pretending to be a genuine user, according to the report. “Once the application is opened, it downloads its configuration remotely by executing an HTTP request. Once the configuration is downloaded, it registers the FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) listener to receive push messages. adds the report. At a glance, it looks like real Android software, however, it was masquerading as an ad cheat app.

The McAFree blog mentioned that there are two identified pieces of code related to this rogue app threat. “One is ‘’ library which focuses on automated click functionality while ‘com.liveposting’ library works as an agent and runs hidden adware services.” Depending on the app version, some of them apps had these two codes, while others apps only had the code “com.liveposting”.

The list of malicious code found on useful daily apps such as: High Speed ​​Camera, Smart Task Manager, Flashlight+, Calendar Notepad, K-Dictionary, BusanBus, Joycode, Currency Converter, Quick Note, EzDica, Instagram Profile Downloader, Ez Notes, Flashlight, Calculator and two other apps similar to Flashlight+.

However, users need not worry now as McAfee security researchers have notified Google about these apps and they have been banned from Google Play Store.

But users who have already downloaded them to their phone should check if they still have them. In case they do, they should remove them quickly.


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