You can now use Alexa on your PC; Watch how


To download the app on Windows, simply open a Microsoft Store file, search for Amazon Alexa, and select “Buy.” After installation, all the user needs is to open the voice assistant and log in with Amazon account credentials.

The voice assistant is configured to work from the alert word “Alexa”. While keeping this configuration the user can execute commands like “AlexaTell me the weekend weather, or AlexaWho discovered electricity?” Without having to press any keys on the computer.

One of the highlights of the program is Show mode, which takes advantage of the computer screen to replicate the interaction of the Echo Show speakers. When the function is activated, the computer begins to display beautiful images accompanied by messages, like a screen saver. The mode also allows you to talk to the computer even when you are away from the device.

If you have a smart home device, the user can also control it through a PC using Alexa. The app automatically identifies compatible devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then just say Alexa followed by the command, which could be something like “turn off the lights” or “turn on the air conditioner”.

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