Xbox Series X Microsoft Store Restock Offers Build Your Own Bundle


The Microsoft Store now offers more than direct invites allowing customers to create their own Xbox Series X bundles.

The Xbox Series X is over a year old now, but it’s still selling out through restocks despite its long presence in the market.

Microsoft has continually tried to keep pace with its production and demand for consoles. The company even said it has stopped production of Xbox One consoles to make as many Series X consoles as possible.

Unfortunately, due to many worldwide situations affecting production, Xbox Series X scarcity likely to continue into 2022.

Even with the delays and scarcity, things are looking up for Xbox fans! Today, Microsoft Store just opened another possibility to get your Xbox Series X console.

Microsoft Store’s Latest Xbox Series X Restock Gives Customers Custom Bundles

Today, Microsoft Store began offering customers a “Build Your Bundle” Xbox Series X restock. The packages offered start at $584.97.

As usual, Microsoft offers one console per customer, and you must be signed in to your Microsoft account to access this drop.

If you want to access this Xbox Series X Bundle Restock, you can do so here:

The bundle offers the possibility of obtaining an Xbox Series X console, a digital game and an additional controller.

Microsoft Store package options

Available digital games include:

  • Madden NFL 22 Xbox Series X|S – $69.99
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition – $29.99
  • far cry 6 – $59.99
  • Rust Console Edition – $49.99
  • Battlefield™ 2042 Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S – $69.99
  • Hasbro Family Entertainment Bundle – Super Edition – $59.99
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate – $59.99
  • Insurgency: Sandstorm – $39.99
  • Diablo® II: Risen™ – $39.99

Getting the Xbox Series X console, plus the cheapest game available (GTA V) and a basic controller is $584.97.

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This drop is great news for players. Prior to this restock event, Microsoft Store was send individual invitation emails for their Xbox Series X restocks.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if this will be a constant or a one-time thing. So far, the restock has been live for a few hours and players can still log in to purchase a bundle.

The only downside to this is that it’s still a bulk restock. But it’s the cheapest bundled option for an Xbox Series X restock you’ll find.

If you don’t want a bundled option, or if Microsoft Store just isn’t an option for you, here’s all possible Xbox Series X restocks coming Jan 17-23.

Without a doubt, Microsoft gives Xbox Series X all the attention necessary for its success, not only in stock but also in content. For example, today Microsoft announces acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion.

This acquisition will lead to the added Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Overwatch and more to Xbox Game Pass.


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