WinDynamicDesktop 5.1 brings macOS Ventura dynamic wallpapers to Windows


Live wallpapers are one of those neat customization options that Windows lacks compared to macOS. Apple’s desktop operating system offers various wallpapers that adapt to the current time, creating an immersive and beautiful desktop background.

Even though there were rumors that Microsoft would implement similar functionality in Windows, dynamic wallpapers are currently only possible with the help of a third-party application called WinDynamicDesktop. Today it received an update to version 5.1.0 with new wallpapers and improvements.

Here is the changelog for the latest version:

  • Added Ventura Abstract theme
  • Added a dropdown in the theme download dialog to select other mirrors which may be faster
  • Added “Hide System Tray Icon” to the menu which hides the system tray icon until the next manual application launch
  • Added Estonian translation (thanks ST)
  • Fixed error when applying settings and there is no active theme (#457)
  • Fixed theme not updating on connected displays when device is sleeping
  • Fixed error when theme download is canceled
  • Fixed PowerShell scripts being invoked multiple times with the same arguments
  • Fixed incorrect theme name displayed in bold when there is no active theme

Another thing to mention is that version 5.1 dropped the Sync Virtual Desktops script responsible for changing the wallpapers on all your virtual desktops. The developer says the script uses an experimental API, which is “too unstable to support”. Nevertheless, users can restore the removed functionality by installing the script through this link.

WinDynamicDesktop is a free application that you can download from the Microsoft Store or GitHub. It comes with lots of free live wallpapers (mostly from macOS), and users can purchase additional packs from the app repository. You can also download macOS Ventura wallpapers without installing third-party apps. There’s even a Ventura-inspired mod of Windows 11‘s “Bloom” wallpaper.


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