Windows Terminal 1.1 brings shutter updates and more


Microsoft is currently deploying Windows Terminal Preview version 1.11 for Windows Insiders and Windows Terminal 1.10. Windows Terminal 1.11 brings new features such as an acrylic title bar, pane enhancements, and more. We’ve got you covered with an overview of all the changes.

We will first discuss the improvements in the component. Microsoft is introducing a move pane to tab feature to let you move an open pane to a new or existing tab. Another novelty is the possibility to swap panes in a tab and to split the tab in contextual view. These features should make multitasking in Windows Terminal easier. Microsoft thanks Schuyler Rosefield for most of these contributions.

Apart from that, there is also a new setting toggle to make your title bar acrylic. It’s in the settings UI appearance page, and it can be set in your global settings, although you will have to restart your terminal to see the difference. We’ve noted the other changes for you below.

  • When you add keys to your actions, all you have to do is type the key chord, rather than spelling out all the keys (i.e. ctrl).
  • Appearance settings that apply to your profile when it is not focused can now be found in the settings user interface.
  • The font object now accepts OpenType features and axes in the settings.json file.
  • You can now optionally minimize your terminal to the system tray. Two new global boolean parameters have been added for this feature
  • You can now drag and drop directories and files onto the ‘+’ button, which will then open a new tab, pane or window using the given starting path
  • When launching the terminal via the default terminal setting, the terminal will now not use any profile rather than your default profile.
  • You can now choose how you want the intense text to appear in your terminal using the intenseTextStyle profile setting. You can either set your style to be bold, bright, both bold and bright, or not add any extra style.

The standard version of Windows Terminal will be deployed through the Windows Insider program and will be released after testing is complete. This is to make sure that all bugs are squashed. Note that all of the functionality of Windows Terminal 1.10 is also in 1.11, except the Terminal Default setting, the Editable Actions page, and the Settings UI Defaults page. You can get these bulbs today through the Microsoft Store or from GitHub.

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