Windows 11 may soon support third-party widgets


Windows 11 has a Widgets panel, but it’s relatively limited since it only supports Microsoft’s widgets. At the moment it can show weather, news, traffic and a selection of other information. You can also view your Outlook calendar, photos, and Microsoft To Do items in the Widgets panel. Soon an extensive library of widgets may become available. The FireCube developer says Microsoft will soon announce support for third-party widgets.

Based on screenshots shared by FireCube, Microsoft will soon allow developers to publish widgets through the Microsoft Store. The process of introducing widgets to the store would be the same as submitting an app. It looks like a few widget types will be supported, including web widgets. This would provide developers with some options to get widgets on Windows 11.

If Windows 11 supports third-party widgets, the Widgets panel would become much more useful. Feature expansion would depend on third-party developers, but there is a passionate community of Windows developers who would likely create a range of widgets.

We will have to wait to hear from Microsoft to confirm the expansion of the Widgets panel.

Although the Widgets panel is currently limited, it can still display some content. We have a guide on how to customize the Widgets panel on Windows 11 to get you started.


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