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Children Of The Sea is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by Daisuke Igarashi. This is where the Studio 4 ° C film is shown online.

Here is how to watch Children of the sea online, and whether the underrated animated film is available to stream with Netflix, Hulu, or Prime. Children of the sea began life as a manga series written and illustrated by Japanese artist and writer Daisuke Igarashi whose surreal and folklore-steeped works have often earned favorable comparisons with the films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Originally published between 2005 and 2011, Igarashi’s Children of the sea The manga series tells the story of a schoolgirl named Ruka Azumi who, after being ostracized by her friends, finds herself lost during her summer vacation and therefore begins spending time at the aquarium where her father works.


During the acclaimed manga series, she befriends two mysterious brothers named Umi and Sora who were raised by a group of dugongs and are observed by scientists, including Ruka’s father, who are trying to find out. more on their mysterious aquatic abilities. Soon, Ruka finds herself embroiled in a strange phenomenon involving her new friends and the mysterious disappearance of ocean life across the planet.

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Japanese production company Studio 4 ° C made an animated feature film adaptation of Children of the sea which was released in 2019 and produced by animation studio founder Eiko Tanaka. Crossed out by Komi can’t communicate director Ayumu Watanabe, the film claims a screenplay written by Children of the sea creator Igarashi and a talented voice cast that includes Min Tanaka (from Keanu Reeves’ 47 Ronin) and Yu Aoi in his original dub and Marc Thompson with Karen Strassman for his English dub. The film received several rave reviews who praised its stunning animation and philosophical tone, but where can anime fans watch? Children of the sea in line?

Children of the sea

Unfortunately, Hulu and Prime Video subscribers are out of luck because Children of the sea isn’t currently listed in either streaming service’s library. However, Netflix users in certain countries, including the United States and Japan, can currently watch the anime with their subscription. The manga adaptation is also available to rent for $ 4.99 or to purchase (for $ 12.99) through the iTunes Store.

Fans of animated films will likely be disappointed to learn Children of the sea is the only manga by Daisuke Igarashi that has received an anime adaptation so far. However, his previous manga series Small forest was adapted into a South Korean live-action film in 2018 and the hit of Children of the sea may well pave the way for other adaptations of Igarashi’s works in the future.

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