What is Stumble Guys? Meet the Fall Guys clone topping the charts on IOS and Play Store


Fall Guys is on the rise again since it decided to become a free-to-play title and later debuted on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. Many titles are increasingly being ported to mobile devices, but that’s not the case with Mediatonic, at least for now.

Amid all of this, there seems to be a game topping the charts on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To make things interesting, the gameplay design and overall theme of the game looks very similar to its more famous counterpart.

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Fall Guys is a different take on the wildly popular Battle Royale genre, although it executes the gameplay differently. There are no elaborate scenes of violence or loot gathering as all players must survive a sequence of different rounds. In the end, the person who survives all of this is declared the winner, and achieving this is harder than it looks.

It’s not the only similar thing in Stumble Guys, as the game’s design seems oddly the same. Naturally, there are key differences due to different hardware capabilities. Regardless of that, there’s no denying that the mobile app looks better than not.

A knockoff of Fall Guys in the form of Stumble Guys is leading the mobile gaming scene

Stumble Guys is the result when searching for Fall Guys in their respective app store. It’s quite natural, considering that the former isn’t even applicable on mobile. There are also no plans to bring it to wearable devices, which is unlikely given the chemistry between Epic and Apple.

Nonetheless, some will approach Stumble Guys as a clone, given how many similarities he shares with the others. The puzzles and levels are very similar, and the main player objectives are the same.

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Now, there are some differences, especially with how players look in-game. Like the Mediatonic title, players can choose different costumes and customize their appearance in Stumble Guys. However, not all designs are the same shape, unlike Fall Guys, where the central look of the bean-shaped design is still retained.

Clone or not, Stumble Guys is available for free on Android and iOS. Its popularity and increase in downloads seems to have increased, with Fall Guys going free. It ranks in the top 10 of both app stores, again showing its growing popularity.

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Economically, Stumble Guys harvested a large amount of moolah. According to AppMagic, the game raked in around $6.6 million, which isn’t shabby. On the contrary, it shows that mobile gamers love a Fall Guys-like game on their mobile devices. Considering the special nature of these games, they seem tailor-made for mobiles as players can easily play with their friends.

Whether or not Stumble Guys can be considered a counterfeit will be decided by its players. However, the game is definitely here to stay, given the revenue it generates. It might even get the Epic Games Store to think about a possible mobile port for Fall Guys in the future.

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