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The Google Play Store is a digital application distribution service available on android and Google-powered phones and tablets. It allows you to download all kinds of apps including games, social media platforms or video streaming services. However, while most people use the Google Play Store all the time, they don’t know about some of its cool features.

These features include demo mode, where you can try out games before installing them; Wishlist, where you can save the apps you want to buy and come back to them later; and Google Play Store tags, introduced in August 2019, help categorize different apps.

A Google Play Store tag is a predefined word that describes and categorizes the content/functionality of an app for its users. These tags are most commonly found on gaming apps because they make it easy to describe what kind of game it is without the user having to click on it. However, they are also widely used in other applications, as they can give the user more information about the services they offer and make them stand out from their competitors.

There is a difference between tags and categories in the Google Play Store. Categories are broad definitions of your app or game, such as a casino app, social media app, or lifestyle app. Tags are then more specific application descriptors that help to better define the applications within a category. For example, many apps might fall under the casino games category, so you might use a tag like Live Dealer to alert potential players to the types of games you offer.

But why would you want to use Play Store tags? Is it really easier for the consumer? Using these tags gives potential customers more information about your app and can help target a specific audience.

For example, in the Play Store there could be two games with a similar name – “Puzzle of Hades” and “Hades’ Puzzles”, which are entirely different genres, one being a horror game and the another a puzzle game. Using Google Play Store tags, you can highlight your game’s genre before they start playing it, which means you get a more targeted audience that will play your game for longer.

You can be very specific with your Google tags, so if you can find an underutilized niche, it could give your app more awareness, which could lead to increased sales.

These tags are just one of the many cool features of the Google Play Store. One of the best features for families sharing an account is the “Require Authentication” feature, which means that every potential purchase on the App Store must be approved before it’s processed – so there’s no need to worry about surprise £500 bills! You can even install apps on your phone directly from your computer if you are logged into the web version of the Play Store with the same account.

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