Wear OS begins rolling out the redesigned Play Store user interface


At the Google I / O 2021 conference earlier this year, we learned that we will be getting a new Wear OS 3.0 user interface. What this will look like has been shown in an emulator preview which you can see on the Android Studio Beta emulator. The update is expected to roll out later this year, but it looks like we’re getting a new portable Wear OS Google Play Store UI that matches what we see in the Wear OS 3.0 emulator.

9 to 5 Google shares some of the details seen in the redesigned user interface for Wear OS Play Store. Each item in a list is now placed inside a pill-shaped card, making them easier to see and read, as the card has a light gray color scheme. Previously everything was on a pure black background so it was sometimes difficult to read the items, especially on a small screen like a smartwatch. The pill-shaped map begins on the main home screen.

During this time, the search button is placed in a white circle which makes it even more readable than when it was on a green circle. After the home screen, apps are listed on the left with the corresponding icon. The name of the application is then followed by the number of stars below. Finally, this card-based pattern is also visible in the updates page of my apps. The “open” button is also pill-shaped and takes up the entire width of the screen.

Placing items on a map makes things less cramped on your smartwatch screen. The slight color added in place of the white text on a black background is a big help in making the elements more readable. These appear to be small changes, but are actually quite significant in improving the Play Store user interface on your laptop. You can of course always install stuff from your smart phone, but for those times when you need a smaller screen, you at least know the UI is better.

The update does not appear to be widely available yet, although some users have received it. There’s also no confirmation when the new Wear OS 3.0 update will start rolling out to Wear OS smartwatches.

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