War in Ukraine pushes developers to pull software from Russian App Store


As the Russian armed incursion into Ukraine continues, several developers have pulled their apps from the Russian App Store. Companies that have done so so far include Ukraine-based Readdle, MacPaw and Ajax Systems, as well as Grammarly and Epam, sources said. cult of mac.

App makers are adding their voices to many other companies pulling their business out of Russia amid the conflict.

Readdle and other apps are leaving the Russian App Store

Readdle has pulled its popular productivity apps from the Russian App Store, halting all sales and support through the platform. cult of mac spoke with Readdle board member Denys Zhadanov via email about why the company pulled its apps.

“Regarding the reason for the decision to leave the Russian AppStore – as a company founded in Ukraine, with a significant number of team members in [Ukraine]we consider it our responsibility to support our team members, their families and the defense of the country against the unprovoked Russian attack,” he said.

“We have team members taking cover from missiles that are targeting civilians and cannot sit idly by,” he added.

Zhadanov said new users in Russia will not be able to download Readdle products, such as Spark, PDF Expert, Documents, Scanner Pro and Calendars. “But existing users will have access to the apps they have on their devices. They won’t receive any updates or support,” he said.

Other apps that take measurements

And Readdle isn’t alone in challenging Russia among app developers.

“Others who have made this decision are companies from multiple industries, including Grammarly, MacPaw, Epam and Ajax,” Zhadanov said.

cult of mac has also been in contact with MacPaw public relations specialist Eugene Kalnyk via email. The company is based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

“We have already removed MacPaw apps from the App Store in Russia and Belarus and are also stopping purchases on our website from those countries,” Kalynk said.

Kalynk provided a list of actions MacPaw and other Ukrainian tech companies are taking:

  • Reface sent to their users in Russia to inform them of the war which Russian propaganda still calls a “crisis”.
  • Grammarly has donated $5 million to organizations and funds that defend and support the people of Ukraine. Grammarly has discontinued its services in Russia.
  • CleanMyMac is free for media covering the war in Ukraine.
  • JustAnswer will pay half of employees’ wages if called upon to fight and will reconfigure positions to cover missing team members.
  • Ajax Systems has created an application to track air alerts in all regions of Ukraine.
  • ClearVPN by MacPaw is now free for all Ukrainians. We’ve also launched a “Stand with Ukraine” shortcut with useful links for anyone who wants to help Ukraine now.
  • Depositphotos together with @vistacreate and @99designs have created social media templates for everyone to share their support for Ukraine and demand that world leaders help stop the war.

Movements of Apple and others, as well as useful resources

And app developers aren’t the only ones hijacking business from Russia, of course.

Apple has halted product sales in Russia, cut off Apple Pay and banned Russian state media from the App Store. On Friday, the Cupertino-based tech giant added a banner to the top of its website to help expedite user donations to Unicef ​​to help families in Ukraine. Google has cut off access to Google Play in Russia.

Other companies suspending sales and operations in Russia include Boeing, Airbus, Lufthansa, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, Netflix, Dell, Microsoft and Nokia.

Readdle has created a resource webpage with the hashtag #StandWithUkraine. The page includes links to charities to facilitate donating money to Ukrainian organizations working to help people in the country.


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