Want to turn off the Windows 11 weather widget?


Regardless of its usefulness, you want to turn off the Windows 11 weather widget. Regardless of how intrigued you are with updates, it might bother you every now and then as you walk over to your screen. It might not be what most customers want to see. When you hover over the climate symbol, even by coincidence, the gadget page is triggered naturally.

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The most recent update for Windows 11 is carried out on most PCs and PCs of Microsoft customers. With the new Windows 11 Build 22518, Microsoft has made some changes, for example, Spotlight workspace backgrounds, Voice access availability highlights. Also, the tech goliath has changed the way you access Windows 11 gadgets.

The most effective method to weaken Windows 11 weather widgets

1st method : To turn off gadget choice in Windows 11, you must first right click anywhere in the taskbar and head to “Taskbar settings”.

2nd method : The Taskbar Settings page will open on your screens, weaken the widget flip bar while changing to one side to turn it off under “Taskbar Things” and then… Pause! It’s finish! In just two straightforward steps. You currently won’t see the Climate Gadget in the Windows 11 taskbar.

The utility of widgets in Windows 11 will not be completely neutralized with these methods. The Widgets menu will open assuming you press Windows key + W on the console or essentially toggle the flip bar in step 2 to the right, however, it will keep the button off your taskbar. .

Enable the taskbar weather widget on Windows 11

Since the new climate gadget isn’t generally available to everyone at the moment, you can use Albacore’s ViveTool to physically strengthen the item.

Steps to disable Windows 11 weather widget:

1. To get started, download the most recent version of ViveTool from GitHub.

2. After downloading the ZIP recording, right click on it in the traveling document and choose the “Concentrate all” choice.

3. Then, at this point, click on the “Browse” button to change the target envelope.

4. From the Record Picker interface, navigate to Windows -> System32 and choose “Select Folder”.

5. After choosing the path, click on “Focus” to move the substance to the goal organizer.

6. Since you have configured ViveTool, press Windows key once, type “cmd” and click “Run as Supervisor” on the right sheet to run Command Prompt with management benefits.

7. In the Command Prompt window, paste the attached commands separately and sit well for the affirmation message. After executing each of the commands, restart your Windows 11 PC.

One last step forward that you need to do is update the Windows Web Experience Pack. To do this, open the Microsoft Store, go to the “Library” segment and click the “Update” button. If you don’t see the update, you can introduce Winget and use the command below to physically refresh the set.

Assuming you’ve focused on the taskbar, you’ll see the climate gadget in the lower left corner. If you’ve moved the taskbar symbols to one side, the new climate symbol will replace the current gadget symbol in the middle.


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