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REDWOOD CITY, CA, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) –– VCOIN, the first transferable digital currency designed for the metaverse, has partnered with Uphold, a digital wallet and trading platform that manufactures easily accessible cryptocurrencies and other assets, to launch a debit card that allows users to earn real in-game value and spend it on real transactions.

The partnership will allow US-based IMVU users to withdraw their VCOIN earnings to their Uphold account and, for the first time, spend them through a Uphold debit card accepted at over 50 million retailers and ATMs. automatic, while earning 2% cashback on each transaction.

This new offering expands the usefulness of VCOIN for owners and makes it even easier for VCOIN owners to spend its value in real life. To get a card, users can visit

“The ability to earn VCOIN in the metaverse and quickly access that value in the real world was the driving force behind VCOIN,” said Nancy Beaton, vice president of strategy at VCOIN. “Partnering with Uphold on a debit card makes this promise even more fluid and accessible, creating a convenient way through which Metaverse users can earn digital currency of real value for use in the real world. ”

To sign up for the Uphold Debit Card, users must have or create a Uphold account and then download the Uphold Card app. Once downloaded, users can connect their Uphold account to the app and order a card. To receive a physical debit card, there is a one-time fee of $ 9.95. Digital-only debit cards can be ordered and used for free through the Uphold Card app. For every online and in-store purchase, cardholders will receive a 2% cashback on their Uphold account.

VCOIN holders can also quickly access the VCOIN as soon as it is in their Uphold wallet, with no transfer wait times or hidden fees.

VCOIN was originally launched in IMVU, the leading metaverse and social friend discovery app, with a digital economy that facilitates 27 million transactions and 14 billion credits that change hands every month. IMVU only received the third crypto-centric non-action relief from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) staff, allowing IMVU to sell VCOIN as a transferable non-security, freeing up all of its potential to fuel peer-to-peer transactions and allow users to earn and convert VCOINs into real money for the real world.

“Uphold is dedicated to providing easier access and ramps to transformative digital currencies that will enhance the virtual economy; and VCOIN is an exceptional digital currency that fits that bill, ”said Robin O’Connell, Uphold’s chief revenue officer. “We’re excited to partner with this debit card so that more users can spend their VCOIN at their favorite stores. ”

The card will first be available to US residents and will soon be available internationally. VCOIN also plans to launch its own branded debit card through Uphold soon. This card will offer additional incentives to VCOIN holders and users.

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Built on blockchain technology, VCOIN is an ERC-20 token that can be bought, earned, and traded in peer-to-peer virtual economies – and, for the first time, be transferred off platforms and converted to fiat. VCOIN allows users to buy, earn, hold, and exit at real value, giving users control over their income. VCOIN is already in use in IMVU, the leading metaverse and social friend discovery app, and both are Together Labs companies.

About IMVU
Based in Silicon Valley, IMVU (imm-view) is the world’s largest social and friendship discovery platform, and one of the top 5 top-grossing apps in the ios / Apple App Store and Google Play Store, where millions of users personalize their avatars and explore over 400,000+ destinations to connect with each other. Through chat and events, IMVU’s massive metaverse enables and strengthens friendship and human connection. A community of hundreds of thousands of users powers IMVU’s peer-to-peer economy by designing and selling virtual goods and destinations, adding to a growing catalog of 50 million items. The IMVU Experience is available on the web, a desktop app, and as an iOS and Android app.

About Together Labs
Together Labs innovates in technologies that allow people around the world to connect, create, and earn money in virtual worlds. Our mission is to redefine social media as a catalyst for authentic human connection through the development of a family of products rooted in this core value. These include IMVU, the world’s largest social and friendship discovery platform; VCOIN, the first transferable digital currency approved by regulation; and WithMe, a future friendship science knowledge-based mobile platform. For more information, please visit

About maintenance
A digital currency platform serving over 7 million customers in over 150 countries. Uphold now has approximately $ 2.5 billion in client assets. The Silicon Valley company opens around 16,000 accounts a day, typically, as consumers seek a home that is more versatile and more profitable for their financial lives. Leveraging blockchain technology, the platform provides consumers and businesses with easy access to 51 digital assets, 28 national currencies, four precious metals, and 50 fractions of US stocks. Not all assets are available in all regions. Uphold’s unique trading experience – “Anything-to-Anything” – allows clients to trade directly between asset classes, saving them time and money. Uphold supports financial inclusion by allowing clients from virtually anywhere to open an account in less than 5 minutes and invest with no minimum amount. Customers can send money to virtually anyone with an email address for free. To learn more, please visit

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