Tweaking Technologies presents Duplicate Files Fixer on Mac App Store


Jaipur, India, October 6, 2021 – ( – Tweaking Technologies, the organization behind multiple apps for various platforms, has made its duplicate cleanup tool available on the Mac App Store. Duplicate Files Fixer is a popular duplicate file removal tool for Windows, Android, and iOS and can also be purchased from the Mac App Store.

Duplicate Cleaner tool scans and detects multiple clones of the same images, videos, documents, music files, archives as well as other media files on Mac. Once duplicates are identified, users are allowed to delete them with one click to reclaim tons of storage space on Mac. Moreover, it also scans cloud storage platforms like Google Drive etc. looking for duplicates.

Some important features of Duplicate Files Fixer include:

Simple and easy to use dashboard.

Precise analysis engine to detect duplicates.

Preview photos, videos, audios, documents, etc. duplicate before deleting them.

Provides the Exclude option, to prevent certain folders from being scanned for duplicate.

“Duplicate Files Fixer is one of our highly reliable tools across all platforms and since the Mac App Store is a heavily used market for Apple users, it is essential that our best product is available there. more and more Mac users will benefit from Duplicate Files Fixer and other applications we have created for users around the world, ”said Mr. Shrishail Rana, Founder and CEO of Tweaking Technologies.

Sudhir Sharma, Vice President of Tweaking Technologies, said: “Our constant effort is to design applications that encompass all possible functionality in a single package. The specific utility has always surprised me with its popularity and it is only thanks to the hard work of our team that we are able to make it available on such a popular platform, the Mac App Store. We hope to get a good response from Apple users.

For more details, you can visit the official page of Duplicate Files Fixer

About the Business: Tweaking Technologies, the leading IT solutions company, serves a diverse list of customers and industries around the world. With the vision to simplify and secure digital life, the company understands that self-improvement is the only key to success. Our great adaptability to the implementation of advanced technologies gives us a head start in the dynamic environment. We believe in providing high quality, easy to use systems that optimize utilities around the world.


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