Torchlight: Infinite is now open for pre-registration on Google Play after registrations on the iOS App Store and TapTap


In case you missed it, XD Inc has officially announced that pre-registration for Torchlight: Infinite is now available on Google Play after registrations on the iOS App Store and on TapTap. Fans of the highly anticipated mobile action title can earn plenty of rewards just by signing up before its official launch.

In Torchlight: Infinite, players can expect to immerse themselves in a dynamic action-RPG 200 years after Torchlight II. According to the official press release, the story unfolds “when Ember Tech has overwhelmed every corner of the Land of Leptis and all lives thrive under Ember power. Beyond the thriving civilization, an endless darkness of corruption begins to consume and foil lives… That’s when a team of heroes with elite powers emerges. They face darkness in their eyes as they embark on the epic quest to battle the darkness-corrupted Aemberons.

As announced during the TapTap presentation, the game is scheduled for release in October. Players will have over 240 skills to tinker with while honing their ultimate character through flexible builds.

If you want to get the first dibs on the game when it launches, you can pre-register for Torchlight: Infinite on the iOS app store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can join the community of followers on Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest developments, visit official site to learn more about the game, or take a look at the embedded clip above to get an idea of ​​the game’s visuals and gameplay.

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