Top 10 Top Rated Productivity Apps on the Google Play Store


Everyone loves a good productivity app. But with so many of them in the Play Store, it can be difficult to decide which one to try. So why not see what the Android user base thinks about it?

Here is the list of the top 10 best-rated productivity apps for Android, as of September 2021. The data is from, and the minimum criteria for including an app in the list is 5,000,000 installs or 10,000 ratings. .

We will take a look.

1. Scan to PDF

  • Average grade: 4.88
  • 5 star ratings: 93 164

This app is a smart tool that turns your device into a portable scanner. It can convert hard copies of your documents and images to PDF or JPG files. Scan to PDF also has a function to detect the type of document you need to scan, such as an ID card, passport or a simple document, and fixes the size of the scanned image accordingly.

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It has various filters which improve the image quality of one-click scanning. It also allows you to choose from 15 languages, which makes it convenient to use in your preferred language.

To download: Scan to PDF (To free)

2. Image to PDF converter

  • Average grade: 4.86
  • 5 star ratings: 147,307

Image to PDF Converter is another very simple application for scanning and converting images to PDF. The app focuses on a single page where you upload the image to convert. It gives you several options to customize the conversion according to your needs.

Image to PDF Converter has pretty decent sorting capability in case you have multiple files. It also allows you to edit and protect your files with a password, making confidential documents safe for sharing and using.

To download: Image to PDF converter (To free)

3. FREE QR Scanner

  • Average grade: 4.85
  • 5 star ratings: 202 767

This QR scanner can read and decode all kinds of barcodes and QR codes including those from Wi-Fi networks, social media apps, URLs, text, books, emails, PayPal and more. ‘others. It offers you a free barcode reader and scanner as well as a QR code creator.

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The FREE QR scanner scans the codes of images in your gallery and you can scan even when no internet connection is available. This app also provides you with LED flashlight, so scanning becomes easy in the dark.

Plus, it uses its unique auto zoom feature, so you don’t need to zoom in or out to decode. The app is available in different languages ​​which gives it universal appeal. All of your scan history is recorded, making the information easily accessible for reuse.

To download: FREE QR Scanner (Free in-app purchases available)

4. BlackNote Notepad Notes

  • Average grade: 4.84
  • 5 star ratings: 55,349

BlackNote is, as the name suggests, a black themed notebook. It has a simple interface. You can add a note or save a checklist using this app, and its black theme makes it unconstrained even when used for long periods of time at a time. It is also favorable to sleep.

BlackNote gives you the option to add a to-do list as well as a shopping list. It also has a useful feature to mark certain notepad items as your favorites.

To download: BlackNote Notes notepad (Free in-app purchases available)

5. List of tasks

Image gallery (2 images)
  • Average grade: 4.8
  • 5 star ratings: 69,296

To-Do List has wonderful features that make your life more organized. This app offers you different categories to add daily tasks including business and personal tasks as well as wish lists. This categorization helps prioritize daily tasks, reducing pressure and burden.

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The Pro version, available on a Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime plan, comes with some fantastic features including an unlimited task checklist, repetitive task customization, enhanced reminders, and multiple customization themes.

You can also save your tasks, add attachments to your reminders and have an automatic backup. These features help organize your work while ensuring fast completion.

To download: To do list (Free in-app purchases available)

6. WeNote

  • Average grade: 4.8
  • 5 star ratings: 51,058

WeNote is a productive yet simple note-taking app. It categorizes your notes into multiple tags like home and work, where you can add colorful notes with various custom themes. You can add to-do lists and notes to dates in the built-in calendar, which is a great reminder for task completion.

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WeNote also syncs your data with Google Drive. Another useful feature is the ability to add attachments to your notes as pictures, drawings, or handwriting.

The premium version of WeNote allows you to download audio recordings with a note. And you can lock task lists and notes with PIN, password or fingerprint to keep important information private.

To download: We note (Free in-app purchases available)

7. LED Flashlight – Universe

Image gallery (2 images)
  • Average grade: 4.8
  • 5 star ratings: 124,760

The LED Flashlight is user-friendly and easy to install with minimal compatibility issues. It has a unique design and also offers a widget for your home screen. The app provides both bright and soft light for use in different conditions.

Besides the features of the solid torch, the LED flashlight also has a strobe flashing light. You can change the blink frequency as you like.

This LED flashlight can save your life when you are working at night or when a torch is not available, and the phone is your only companion.

To download: LED Flashlight – Universe (Free in-app purchases available)

8. All-in-one package tracking

  • Average grade: 4.8
  • 5 star ratings: 371 277

All-in-one package tracking provides a comprehensive tracking platform where you can track your orders. It supports a list of over 700 carriers worldwide, including international postal, express and e-commerce carriers.

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The app recognizes multiple carriers, barcodes and QR codes and provides accurate updates regarding the status of the package.

It supports email tracking and over 30 languages ​​for multilingual tracking and also provides packages to its regular buyers across the world, providing valuable discounts on item purchases.

Another handy feature is syncing your data across different devices including iOS, Android, and the web.

To download: All-in-one package tracking (Free in-app purchases available)

9. Ministry Assistant

Image gallery (2 images)
  • Average grade: 4.79
  • 5 star ratings: 34 990

A left-field choice in an array of productivity apps, Ministry Assistant is designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses to mark their territories and assist them in their work of service.

The application allows the marking of addresses via GPS and makes them available on a map. It generates daily, monthly and annual reports based on hours spent in service, and integrates with Google Calendar.

To download: Deputy to the Ministry (To free)

10. Resume maker

  • Average grade: 4.77
  • 5 star ratings: 56,086

This handy application helps you to create professional CV or CV in PDF format within minutes. You get an impressive resume without having to create one from scratch.

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The application offers several templates to create your CV in its free and pro versions. It allows you to choose between different fonts and font sizes, add or omit photographs, capitalize essential details, add signature, etc. It also offers templates for your convenience.

To download: Resume maker (To free)

Top Rated Android Productivity Apps

Being productive means having the best return for your capacity, and these productivity apps help you achieve that goal.

These apps make laborious tasks as easy as a tap, save you time and effort, help you streamline and prioritize your goals. They got the highest ratings among Android users so why not try a few and see if you agree.

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