They force the opponents to defend all the ground


I knew it, I knew it. I knew you were willingly keeping us the status of David Bakhtiari, Jaire Alexander and Za’Darius Smith. You Meanies!

We promise not to be so cruel in 2022.

Halbert from Loveland, CO

Hello Spoff and II. Warm and well-deserved congratulations to LeRoy Butler on being a finalist for the HOF again! Do you have any idea who will present Mr. Butler’s career for discussion, before the voting committee?

It would be a former colleague of mine and Wes of the Press-Gazette, Pete Dougherty, who will do a meticulous and exemplary job as he always does. Believe me, Pete’s introductions aren’t the reason Butler has failed for the past two years. Having said that, I believe with all my heart that this is his year. The best of the first-time eligible is Devin Hester, and the rest of the finalist class, in my opinion, is led by, in any order, Butler, Tony Boselli, Zach Thomas and Richard Seymour. This is Butler’s best chance and it should happen.

Are you still making your way to the playoffs this week? Or will that change in Road to the Super Bowl since we landed a playoff berth? Hoping it drops as soon as I submit my question.

The path to the playoffs lengthens momentarily. It will become Road to the Super Bowl once the Packers’ playoff positioning is solidified.

I saw Mount Rushmores built with specific players, positions, coaches, etc., but the passing of John Madden made me think of an all-time impact on the NFL, Mount Rushmore, that would include anyone having previously been involved in football. In your opinion, is there an obvious choice, and who else would make the cut?

Madden should be there. Phil from Marietta, GA, submitted a quartet consisting of Madden, George Halas, Pete Rozelle and then Jim Brown, including a player. I don’t have a lot of qualms with this group. Considering how the game has evolved, I might substitute Johnny Unitas as the father of modern single player passing.

John Madden will always remember the things he taught us. “One knee is equal to two feet.” I loved this guy. He and Pat are together again.

I had this crazy idea come to my mind, so please be indulgent with me. Another Maddenism that I remember, describing a receiver running next to a DB, was “if he’s quits he goes,” meaning if the blanket guy gave up his cushion, the receiver takes off on. a starting route. Yesterday, Wes’ column brought up the back shoulder throw, which turned into the opposite direction of the DBs who simply turned their heads to run with the receiver “going”. It made me wonder if a Maddenism in any way contributed to an offensive innovation. Maybe I extrapolated a bit, but thought I would share anyway.

Nick from Springfield, MO

Player of the month 10 times. That equates to two full seasons, right? A true greatness that we may not see again in our lifetime as Packer fans. Another offseason of uncertainty is coming, but let’s all remember to use these last five games (hopefully) for exactly what they are: watching a master of his craft perform at the highest level. I can not wait.

As Wes went through a bunch of company names to list NFL stadiums, it struck me again the beauty of playing at Lambeau Field and not Random Food Brand Field. Is there a rule in place to ensure this never happens? As the Bears move into the future, I guess this will be another lost name for the sponsorship team. Good year.

There is no rule, but as I have pointed out in the past, it was a bold move by Bob Harlan not to sell the naming rights when the organization asked for $ 160 million. of taxpayers via the 2000 referendum on Brown Co. There was pressure to sell the naming rights to ease the burden on taxpayers, but Harlan stood firm not to change the name and the referendum was passed by a close vote (53% -47%).

So if the NFL vigorously opposes the tablet launch, I guess Brady will take some time to reconsider.

It’s a league of copiers. The Ravens were able to minimize Davante Adams’ impact with double (sometimes triple) coverage throughout the game. With Adam Thielen on IR, can you see Joe Barry implement a similar approach to cover Justin Jefferson on Sunday night? The guy is scary good.

He is, but I don’t see the Packers doing what the Ravens did, which was pretty extreme. I see them shadow a safety on Jefferson’s side for most of the game, but the freedom to do so will mostly come down to being able to contain Cook up front without additional help.


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