The Play Store will soon tell you when to update a broken Android app


The Google Play Store will now advise users to update their Android app if it crashes on their devices. Here’s how it will work on devices.

The latest version of Google Play Store The app will start showing a prompt to users advising them to update an Android app if it crashes on their device. Developers typically test their apps on various devices and operating system versions before releasing them for public consumption. However, despite all these efforts, the apps have a mind of their own and can often misbehave, seemingly for no rhyme or reason. In such scenarios, users often face troubleshooting difficulties which means that the only workaround to get things back to working order is to restart the phone.


Android is the largest mobile operating system in the world, well ahead of iOS. However, the situation is somewhat different in the United States, where iPhones rule the roost. According to a recent report by Counterpoint, iPhones this year overtook Android to become the country’s largest mobile platform. As if that weren’t enough, data released earlier this year by analyst firm Piper Sandler even suggested that 87% of all teens nationwide choose iPhones over Android. Still, Android users make up nearly half of the market in the US, and the upcoming feature will likely improve the app experience for millions of them.

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According to the November 2022 Play Store system update changelog, version 33.2 of the Google Play Store app has a new feature that “Help users fix app crashes with new update prompts.” Senior Technical Writer Mishaal Rahman found more details about the new feature after a deep dive into the app’s code.

Google Play Store will advise users about crashed apps

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According to Rahman, several strings in the code revealed the message users will see when an app with an available update crashes on an Android device. The message will have as header “Update app to fix crashes,” while the body will read “The app has stopped working, but the latest app update may fix the problem. Install the update, then open the app again. If you want to update later, go to % 1$s in Google Play.”

While crashing apps are always an annoyance, Google hopes the new prompt will at least offer some users a solution to their problems. Either way, updating the software to the latest version is a good idea in most cases, as it tends to come with bug fixes and security improvements that make the experience smoother. fluid and safer. There are exceptions, however, where updates introduce new bugs and security vulnerabilities.

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Source: Google, Mishaal Rahman/Twitter


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