The new Android Auto 7.5 update is available on the Play Store


Grab the new stable release while you can

Android Auto is a lifesaver for anyone who relies on their smartphone for directions and navigation. It also simplifies meeting your infotainment needs, and you can use it in a variety of vehicles. It’s a generally decent experience that will hopefully continue to improve, because just weeks after Android Auto 7.5 entered beta testing, according to Auto Evolutionit is now available on the Google Play Store.

Even though Android Auto 7.5 seems like a solid update, it could still cause problems for users happy with the 7.4 experience. The fact that it’s released suggests that beta testing went well, so ideally there shouldn’t be any major issues. That’s not always how things work, of course — even if Android Auto 7.5 works like a charm at first, there’s always a chance it introduces new bugs for users who were more or less satisfied. of their Android Auto experience.


As Auto Evolution notes, this update is not an expected total overhaul of the application named Coolwalk, which will provide a reconfigured user interface allowing for advancements such as limited multitasking. Google is still keeping a lid on this update. Android Auto 7.5 is slowly rolling out through the Google Play Store. If you can’t access it, be patient or consider a manual update with this APK installer.

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