The Microsoft Store changes its appearance, it now looks like the Xbox 1 app


the Microsoft Store, Also known as Xbox Store on the web, now it’s changing its look: in some geographies it’s already possible to see the change, with a new aesthetic that makes the site look more like the official Xbox app.

Microsoft Store and the new look: dark shades like the Xbox app

Microsoft has accustomed us in recent years to significant changes, some purely aesthetic and others very functional (such as the unification of the Live Gold service and Game Pass in a single subscription, i.e. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) . This time it’s at the official store, which in appearance becomes very similar to the app for PC and mobile devices.

Changes to the Xbox ecosystem in the past have sometimes been purely cosmetic, sometimes functional, or both. Like the various changes made to the Microsoft Store from the console, which has become more streamlined and streamlined, and the changes made to the official app.

Xbox for games from a smartphone

The desktop version of the online store is updated with dark tones similar to those we are used to seeing on our PCs, smartphones and other mobile devices, when we use the app to view and install games and social content to share with friends.

Microsoft Store and Xbox app

The new aesthetic is only available in certain parts of the world, and not yet in Italy, but it is believed that we will see this change soon in Italy as well.

If you have the app, you can use it to install the new Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite will be downloadable on consoles through the app. Greenberg said that he had personally tested the single player campaign recently and was very happy with the progress made – not just the multiplayer beta then, although the multiplayer sector has impressed so far. :


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