The Google Switch to Android app is now available in the App Store


Google Switch to Android is a new app available on App Store for iPhone users switching to Android. For some time, switching from an iPhone to an Android device has been difficult. Moving existing data, apps, and media has been difficult except on Google Pixel devices.

Now, Google is giving more Android smartphones the freedom to absorb iPhone users who want the Android experience. This feature will be available for devices launching with Android 12 or upgrading to Android 12 and later. Truth be told, people move between the two mobile operating systems (from iPhone to Android, and vice versa).

To use the Google Switch to Android app, download it from the App Store. After the installation is complete, it displays a QR code to prompt the process of changing and transferring files. This transfer can be wireless over a Wi-Fi connection or with a USB Type-C to Lightning cable. From my personal experience, I would recommend using a USB Type-C to Lightning cable. This will allow all the files to move faster and ultimately safer.

This switch will move everything from your iPhone to your new Android device. It also ensures the transfer of existing WhatsApp messages and files, even if they do not have a cloud backup. For your iMessage conversations, they will switch to Google RCS messages.

The “Move to iOS” app has been available on PlayStore for a few years now. It’s finally good to see a counterpart on the App Store to help any user who wants to switch to the Android ecosystem. Now switching to either platform (to iPhone or Android) will be easy and hassle-free.


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