Supraland is free on the Epic Games Store – play it or skip it?


Welcome! This is a weekly series where we tell you which game the Epic Games Store has for free. We’ll let you know what free games you can get each week and if we think they’re worth your time. Last week we covered Maneater (opens in a new tab).

Say what you will about how the Epic Games Store compares to Steam, but getting a new free game to play every week is hard to beat. Last week, Epic Games gave us Maneater. But if causing maximum destruction as a shark wasn’t for you, now is the time for something different.

First-person puzzle game Supraland is available for free download on the Epic Games Store this week. If you add it to your collection, you will permanently own it and can play it whenever you want.

To get Supraland on the Epic Games Store, all you have to do is visit the Epic Games Store Free Games Page (opens in a new tab). You’ll need an Epic Games account to claim the title and the Epic Games client software to play it, but both are also free.

The deal is active now and will run through June 23 at 11:00 a.m. ET. After that, the company will offer another free game.

Supraland: Is it worth it?

A screenshot of Supraland on PC, showing a town populated by red men

(Image credit: Supra Games)

Supraland draws inspiration from various well-known sources, including Metroid, Zelda, and Portal. If you know these series, you can probably imagine what Supraland looks like.

Otherwise, try this: Supraland is a first-person game, in which you will explore a childish sandbox world, solving many puzzles on your way. As you progress, you’ll unlock new traversal abilities that allow you to access areas you couldn’t reach before. Mixed in with puzzles and exploration is light combat. It’s not too intrusive on the rest of the gameplay, nor extremely deep, but it does give another layer to the overall experience.

You’ll also see pop culture references along the way. If you like this benchmark style of humor, you’re in luck – but if you want to get lost in a different world without encountering a stick-like version of Walter White, you might want to skip this game.

Supraland has garnered significant praise on Metacritic (opens in a new tab). It holds a rating of 85/100 from critics and 8.8/10 from users. Many gamers have noted that while Supraland seems kid-friendly, the game’s puzzles are really challenging, making it a well-suited experience for gamers of all ages.

If you’re looking for a tricky puzzle game with a dose of fantasy in its art style, Supraland is definitely worth your time.


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