Some Google Play Store developer pages are blocked


We noticed a pattern in which URLs work

Two million apps are on the Google Play Store at any given time. Most downloads go to names we’ve all heard of, making it all the more vital for smaller publishers to get their name out there. A convenient way for fans to find out about all the apps a developer has made was to visit their website…or GitHub…or LinkedIn…or their non-existent web presence…or take a look at their page list of developers on the Play Store. Except these listing pages are a bit messed up right now.


To be clear, we’re not talking about the mobile view where tapping the publisher’s name on an app listing sends you to a tagged search. The problem lies on the desktop where doing the same takes you to a dedicated webpage.

Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii said he was unable to access some key publisher listing pages, including those for Apple, Netflix and Spotify.

Another user said that he has been facing this problem for a few days.

We investigated further and discovered that the publisher tags hyperlinks with URLs that refer to the publisher’s human-readable name, such as don’t work, but those referencing the Play Store internal ID code for the publisher, e.g.,, do work. The Google LLC developer page can be accessed with the URL no It is difficult to say whether this is a causal factor or simply something correlative.

We contacted Google for comment.


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