Samsung apps that you can’t update through Google Play and why


Samsung’s Galaxy phones are undoubtedly the winners. In fact, they make up the majority of Android phones in use. But even though they run on Android, some apps cannot be updated through the Google Play Store. Follow us to know how to update some Samsung apps.

What is the Galaxy Store?

Launched in 2019 and very similar to the Google Play Store, the Galaxy Store offers tons of Android apps that you can download and use on your device. You can get games, productivity apps, and just about anything else you might find on the Google Play Store. The Galaxy Store is also great for downloading icon packs and launchers because you don’t need a third-party program to successfully bring a new look to your Galaxy device. If you were to do it through the Play Store, that would be a different story.

Galaxy Store apps only

Many of Samsung’s apps come from the Google Play Store, such as the Galaxy Wearable app for Galaxy Watches, but other apps are designed specifically for Galaxy devices. However, some apps and services pre-installed on your Samsung Galaxy device cannot be updated from the Google Play Store. They need to be updated from the Galaxy Store on One UI. The truth is, we don’t really know the reason for this. These apps may need system-level access to do their job effectively, or it may just be a preference on Samsung’s part.

These are just a few that come pre-installed on your device and need to be updated through the Galaxy Store:

  • AR Canvas
  • AR Emoji Sticker
  • battery keeper
  • battery tracker
  • file keeper
  • Galaxy app booster
  • Gallery Widget
  • iWorkConverter
  • Guardian of media files
  • Memory Keeper
  • Item eraser
  • Samsung Music
  • Samsung Notes
  • Thermal Guardian

Galaxy Store Apps Update

Many of these apps and services are background processes, meaning you wouldn’t interact with them under normal use. By default, Samsung’s Galaxy Store auto-update is enabled, which will start updating your Galaxy apps in the background. However, some apps cannot take advantage of auto-update, which means that to keep them the latest and greatest, you have to manually push an update. Here’s how to update Galaxy Store apps:

  1. On your Galaxy device, head to the Galaxy Store.
  2. Faucet Menu at the bottom right.
  3. At the top, find Updates and press it.
  4. You can either touch Update all or hit it update icon on each app.

Although you can find some of them on the Google Play Store, they have to be processed from the Galaxy Store. Whatever the case, knowing how to update these apps from the Galaxy Store is essential to keeping your Galaxy device, like the S22 or S22 Ultra, fresh and up-to-date.

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