Rogue Amoeba’s fission removed from Mac App Store


The Mac App Store may be gaining popularity, but that doesn’t mean the developers who use it are happy. In fact, a new release announcement reveals that Rogue Amoeba’s Fission is checked out from the Mac App Store.

A new version of Fission, but not on the Mac App Store

In a recent blog post, Rogue Amoeba co-founder and CEO Paul Kafasis announced the latest version of the company’s lossless audio editor, Fission 2.7.1. Kafasis explained that the update offers a handful of “small improvements, as well as initial support for macOS 12 (Monterey).” Most Fission users will get the new version just by selecting “Check for Updates” from the main menu of the app.

Those who bought Fission from the Mac App Store, on the other hand, will have a different experience. Rogue Amoeba has removed Fission from the Mac App Store. New users wishing to purchase the software will have to do so directly from the developer’s online site. Customers who have previously purchased Fission through the Mac App Store will upgrade to the Direct Distributed version.

Go straight through Rogue Amoeba quickly and easily

In a recent blog post, Kafasis offers users a way to upgrade to the direct version of Fission. Once you have verified your Fission purchase from the Mac App Store, you will receive a free license key for the direct-distributed version. This way you can continue to use the latest versions of Fission without any issues.

Rogue Amoeba is no stranger to selling his software directly to customers through his own store. For almost 20 years, that was the only way to get any of his software. In 2011, when the Mac App Store opened, developers experimented with offering some software this way. Over the past 10 years, Kafasis claims that countless developers and users have provided feedback to Apple.

Despite all of this feedback, Cupertino has made very few changes to the Mac App Store, he says. For Rogue Amoeba, the store still has too many problems to continue offering software through this channel. These loopholes, along with Apple’s restrictive policies that prevent most Rogue Amoeba products from showing there, make it clear that the Mac App Store is not a good choice for the business.

Kafasis recognizes that some users prefer to get all of their software through the Mac App Store. He says the company will continue to evaluate it for use in the future, but the Mac App Store just isn’t viable for them right now. The company will focus its efforts on providing a quick and easy experience to test and then purchase its software directly from the Rogue Amoeba website.


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