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Disney fans can put themselves in the center of an adventure alongside their favorite characters with Disney Valley of Dreams. This upcoming free-to-play life simulation game from Gameloft has similarities to other hit life simulations like animal crossing, Stardew Valleyand The Sims, but with magical Disney twists. Here’s everything you need to know about Disney Valley of Dreamsincluding release date, trailer, platforms, etc.

‘Disney Dreamlight Valley’ | Gameloft

What is “Disney Dreamlight Valley”?

Gameloft announced Disney Valley of Dreams with a trailer in late April 2022. According to the game’s official website, players must “restore a once idyllic village now desolate and full of nightly thorns after a mysterious event called The Forgetting.” In order to rekindle the memories of the village, players can befriend various Disney and Pixar characters from movies like Frozen, The Lion King, Wall-E, and more. Plus, it wouldn’t be a life sim without endless customization options for players and their homes.

“Disney Dreamlight Valley” release date window and trailer

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Disney Valley of DreamsThe trailer for , as seen above, shows the village as it descends into darkness before the player character arrives. Then flash scenes of the player mining crystals, riding a boat with Moana, performing some kind of magical ritual, and more. The trailer also shows the player building a beautiful community and customizing their appearance with Disney-themed outfits.

“It’s a place where every dream comes true,” says a voiceover.

Disney Valley of Dreams isn’t expected to arrive until 2023. However, players can get early access in Summer 2022 by purchasing a Founder’s Pack, which contains special in-game currency, cosmetics, and more. Alternatively, the Early Access period is also available to Xbox Game Pass members who subscribe before the period begins. Gameloft plans to share more details about Disney Valley of Dreamsthe release date of and early access later.

Game “Disney Dreamlight Valley”

Like other life sims, Disney Valley of Dreams emphasizes players collecting resources and making friends with neighbors. Gameloft has teased a number of fun in-game activities, such as fishing, cooking, and gardening. And when players aren’t spending time with their favorite Disney/Pixar characters, they can dress up like them by collecting themed clothing and furniture.

Additionally, players can explore different biomes, such as a frozen tundra worthy of Ice Queen Elsa. Gameloft offered a first look at four biomes in a blog post. Players begin their experience in the plaza, which is home to resources, tools, and helpful tips for the adventure. They can then move to the Glade of Trust, a marshy area with unique species of flora and fauna. There’s also Dazzle Beach, home to Moana and a mysterious Dreamlight Valley pillar. Finally, there’s Peaceful Meadow, where many characters make their homes for the night.

What platforms will the Disney game be released on?

Disney Valley of Dreams will be released on PC and Mac via the Epic Games Store, Steam, Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store. Additionally, it will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. It will be free to download and play, but some expansions will also be available for purchase. Additionally, Gameloft will continue to update Disney Valley of Dreams with new content after release.

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