Recently released Shortcut Keeper: A simple macOS app that lets you store the keyboard shortcuts you use daily in your apps

Hi everyone!

This is a simple macOS app that allows you to easily store all the shortcuts you use on a daily basis in your apps.

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It can be difficult to remember all the shortcuts you use on each app, especially if you rely heavily on your keyboard for your daily tasks.

Shortcut Keeper helps you save your favorite shortcuts or the ones you want to learn in a lightweight user interface. You can leave it running in the background and only refer to it once in a while.

The idea came from my recent experience switching from a Windows laptop to a Mac. I needed to relearn a lot of shortcuts that I needed for my daily tasks, so the process would go like this:

– Search in app preferences or on Google for the keyboard shortcut I’m looking for (for example, how to take a screenshot)
– Use the shortcut once or twice that day and then forget about it.
– A week later, google again for the same task.
– Rinse and repeat.

That’s why I needed a simple app to keep track of which shortcuts I want to remember, at least until I can use them intuitively, without needing to search.

With Shortcut Keeper, you can:

– Add the shortcuts that you encounter daily in your applications.
– If you need to remember a shortcut, open Shortcut Keeper and check it.
– Keep until you have memorized them.

You can get it from the Mac App Store.

No subscription required; buy once, use forever.

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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