Rachi Ngaine, MSPA, CPA, CGMA “Been There, Done That: Recounts of a Lifetime Journey” recently published by CGMA is a poignant memoir of a life lived in faith | New


MEADVILLE, Pennsylvania., September 24, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – “Been There, Done That: Recounts of a Lifetime Journey”: A powerful discussion of family values ​​and purpose. “Been There, Done That: Recounts of a Lifetime Journey” is the creation of published author Rachi Ngaine, MSPA, CPA, CGMA, a former native of Kenya who survived the Mau Mau uprising in the early 1950s. Now a citizen of United States, Ngaine served in the federal government public service field before retiring at age 75 in January 2018.

Ngaine shares: “In this life story titled Been There, Done That, Rachi Ngaine recounts and recounts his personal experience of survival, facing the challenges of growing up in a traditional learning environment from early childhood in his native Kenyan village. This amplifies the appetite and personal struggles for education / knowledge in public schools, colleges / universities, choosing a career path, and grueling manuscript academic / professional exams towards jobs that have led to achievement self-esteem / self-esteem and formal retirement at the age of seventy-five.book is an affirmation of a typical family’s core value system, stamina and human dignity.

“Moreover, the facts that changed Rashi’s life in United States For nearly fifty years, aspiring immigrants have been intrigued by the base of the 21st century “superpower”. The book is engaging, evokes personal traits, self-determination, triggers motivation and ensures value. The “Humorous Notes” in the last pages of the book are likely to excite readers and even wet their eyes.

“Finally, readers would be exposed to the fact that whenever there is will,“ there is a way. ”Ideally, God’s grace has enabled the anointed to bless the anointed with the blessings of spiritual gifts of love, joy. , of peace, of perseverance and of self-control. The elect are promised to be successful in whatever they do, in the name of Jesus. Indeed, the faithful in Christ be moved and inspired to continue and finish the race and to win the crown of salvation. Rashi participates in it! Please join us. “

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Rachi Ngaine, MSPA, CPA, CGMA’s new book is a captivating look at a unique life.

Ngaine shares a private exploration of life experiences ranging from her childhood in a traditional Kenyan village to seeking higher education and employment within United States.

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