Poll: Do you like the new Xbox dashboard?


Microsoft revamps the dashboard of its Xbox consoles at a fairly regular pace. The company unveiled its latest plans for the Xbox home screen last week. While the overall look of the interface is familiar to those who have used the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Xbox One, there are a few notable changes.

The focus is clearly on navigating to certain content on the new Xbox home screen. In what Microsoft calls the “New Xbox Home Experience,” the dashboard offers quick access to the settings menu and recent content. Microsoft also plans to show select titles from Xbox Game Pass to help people find games they’ll love.

Here are some of the other major changes:

  • A revamped “Jump Back In” line populates a list of your most recent games and apps at the top.
  • A visual search bar and settings menu button sits at the very top, which should improve ease of access for new users who are unfamiliar with the Guide menu.
  • A new permanent Microsoft Store button will sit on the home screen alongside three dynamic content tiles as usual.
  • Microsoft is updating other aspects of the dashboard to better align with the new styles. We saw this recently with a redesign of the Xbox Games & Apps screen.
  • There will be new content categories organized below the main screen as you scroll down.

Microsoft is asking for feedback on the new user interface. In addition to sharing your thoughts on the new “New Xbox Home Experience,” directly with Microsoft, we’d like you to vote in this week’s poll. Then head over to our official Discord server and discuss more in our thread on the subject.


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