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This episode continues to explore the findings of “Women in the leadership of credit unions“Summary note through discussions with three women CEOs of the credit union movement:

Madry, Teubner, and Kenyon share their thoughts on how the research findings reflect their experiences as credit union leaders.

Karen Madry
Karen MadryStephanie Teubner
Tracie KenyonTracie Kenyon

As the CEO of a small credit union, Madry has a firsthand perspective on why the environment of a small credit union provides leadership opportunities for women.

Teubner had experience in the banking industry before joining the credit union movement, which allowed him to talk about the differences in leadership opportunities between the two.

League CEO Kenyon has an overview of female leadership in credit unions and credit union boards in her state.

Listen to a previous episode of the ‘Women in Credit Union Leadership’ briefing featuring Mike Schenk, Chief Economist and Deputy Head of Advocacy for CUNA, and Samira Salem, Vice President of Diversity, equity and inclusion for CUNA.

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In this episode:

1:24: Interview with Karen Madry

11:32 am: Interview with Stéphanie Teubner

17:33: Interview with Tracie Kenyon


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