Pixel Launcher adds Play Store search on Android 13


Search Pixel Launcher gets a big upgrade with Android 13, including the ability to search the Play Store. Meanwhile, before the public launch, Google continues to ask users about the capacity.

In Android 13, Google is unifying the search bar at the bottom of your Pixel’s home screen and the one that appears at the top of the app drawer. It’s now the same experience with the two fields allowing you to search the web, apps, app shortcuts, and contacts. Meanwhile, if these results fail, Pixel Launcher will let you quickly search and open YouTube, Maps, and the Play Store in addition to Google (Search) and the Settings app.

That said, from Android 13 Beta program, not all features are always available on all phones. It looks like Google is still testing various features ahead of the mainstream launch.

One of these tests concerns the results of the online Play Store. Searching for an app name that is not installed on your phone may bring up online results from Google Play that note the developer’s rating and name. Multiple apps can be displayed with a tap directly opening the list.

LR: Android 12 (Google app and Pixel Launcher search) | Android 13 (disabled and live)

This Play Store search is not live on all Android 13 Beta devices. We have it on a single Pixel 6a and 6 Pro, but not a 4a. Further highlighting the variance is how the aforementioned 6a doesn’t have a setting to enable people search (contacts + conversations).

All of this will presumably be streamlined once the stable version of Android 13 launches.

Before that, Google continues to ask users about the device search experience. It first did this in June, and the latest comes from Google Opinion Rewards. Google is probably behind this survey and asks “what was your primary goal when you searched for content on the device in the search box?”

  • Find or manage phone settings
  • Search or browse content on an app
  • Find a person’s contact details
  • Find content on the web
  • Perform an action on the app (for example, send an SMS)
  • An app not installed on my phone
  • Other (Please specify)

The second question is rather interesting and wants to know if you have a problem (comfortable or uncomfortable) with “seeing app and web results in one search box”. The example he uses is a first name query that shows both on-device contacts and web results for famous people.

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