Pay attention! 100 mins of phones have these DANGEROUS apps from the Google Play Store; Checklist and DELETE


470 scamware on Google Play Store apps appeared which are so dangerous! Check if your phone has them; know how to stop them.

In one of the biggest “fleeceware” campaigns in recent years, 470 malicious apps from the Google Play Store have been discovered stealing millions of dollars from users around the world. The campaign started about two years ago when these Android apps were first added to the Google Play Store. Since then, Play Store apps have been downloaded over 105 million times! These dangerous apps may be on your Android smartphone right now and could be stealing your money without you even knowing. Read on to learn more about these dangerous stealing apps and how to get rid of them. Notably, such dangerous scamware on Google play store app list must be removed by users from their phones. These apps have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars.

the report on these Google Play Store apps comes from Dallas-based mobile security company Zimperium. Posting on their blog, the researchers named this campaign “Dark Herring”. What makes these apps on the dangerous list is that unlike most rogue apps which can be easily discovered because they have no functionality, these apps work as advertised and make it extremely difficult for a user to identify if the app is scamware.

The Dark Herring Campaign

These 470 Android apps were listed in all categories on Google Play Store and were mainly part of games, entertainment, productivity tools, photo editing apps, etc., according to Zimperium’s report. While these apps worked normally, they also redirected users to fraudulent websites. These websites, as part of the campaign, have also been disguised to appear authentic. The websites have also been designed to adapt to the user’s language and country. The pages simply asked users to enter their phone number for verification purposes. What was really going on was that the scammers were signing up users for a recurring monthly fee of Rs. 1100 ($15).

But interestingly, these apps did not charge the user’s bank account or Google Play Store wallet, as they came with extra layers of security and scammers would be caught instantly. Instead, the apps directly charged the mobile balance account and stole money from there. For ease of understanding, it would look like subscribing to a value-added service on a network operator. The mobile balance would be deducted and the user would have no way to connect it to the apps.

Zimperium called it one of the largest and most successful malware campaigns by sheer scale of Android apps in existence. “The total amount of money scammed by unsuspecting users could once again reach hundreds of millions of dollars,” the report said.

These apps have been removed from Google Play Store, so there is no longer any risk of installing them. However, if you frequent third-party app marketplaces, you are still at risk of downloading those apps. The most important thing at this point is that although support for these apps has been discontinued by Google, these apps are still functional and could embezzle money from the user’s mobile account just because you don’t didn’t delete them.

The first thing to do is go to this link here and check out the full list of scam Android apps. However, it will be difficult to tell if you have any of these apps from a list of 470. Follow the following steps to find out if you have any of these polar apps and how to uninstall them.


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