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Ya Boy Kongmingalso known as Paripi Koumeiis a surprising anime show from the spring 2022 season that has gone from being an underrated title to being the talk of the town among many anime viewers, YouTubers, and critics. Ya Boy Kongming is here to stay, thanks to a banger of an opening song! That said, here’s everything you need to know about Ya Boy Kongming opening songa.k.a Paripi Koumei!

In case you missed it, Ya Boy Kongming follows the reincarnated Three Kingdoms general known as Kongming in modern Tokyo. In the bustling city of Shibuya, Kongming meets Eiko Tsukimi, an aspiring professional singer nicknamed “The Singer From Hell” who dreams of performing on a big stage where everyone can hear their voice.

That said, Kongming volunteers to be Eiko’s tactician, aka manager, to fulfill his dreams by incorporating his strategy from his previous war experiences.

Ya Boy Kongming’s The opening theme is a very catchy song with a retro and disco vibe that reminds us of classic anime vibes. Ya Boy Kongming’s Chitty Chitty Bangbang is a legit banger who can claim the best opening song of the spring 2022 anime season, with her hot and trendy dancing shown in the opening song!

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Ya Boy Kongming opening theme song name

Chitty Chitty Bangbang, the opening theme song of Ya Boy Kongmingis performed by the new musical unit, QUEENDOM, listed in MAL.

Meanwhile, the variation of the opening theme name on Apple Music is chikichikibanban by QUEENDOM.

Ya Boy Kongming opening theme song lyrics

There is still no official English translation of Ya Boy Kongming’s opening theme song at the time of writing.

The opening theme song, however, can still be viewed on sites like Lyrical nonsense.

Ya Boy Kongming opening theme song artist

QUEENDOM, a brand new musical unit made up of Hibiki and Moka from lol, Akina and Taki from FAKY, and Maria Kaneya from GENIC, performs Ya Boy Kongming’s Chitty Chitty Bangbang.

Ya Boy Kongming Opening Theme Song: Where to Download and Stream

You can download and stream Ya Boy Kongmingopening theme song, titled Chitty Chitty Bangbang by QUEENDOM, the Spotify, Apple Musicand the iTunes Store.

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