Ouch: Amazon’s app store doesn’t work with Android 12



If you are using an Android phone, you are probably familiar with the Google Play Store! However, this is not the only source of new applications. Amazon offers its own app store with special apps, but it has huge problems with Android 12. The Amazon Appstore is not compatible with the new operating system due to a rights management issue. .


  • Amazon Appstore does not work on Android 12 devices.
  • Downloaded applications can no longer be used after updating.
  • Amazon is currently working on a solution.

According to information from the Android Slashdot and Liliputing forums, readers are complaining about Amazon! Applications downloaded from the shipping giant’s store no longer work on Android 12. Since the update to the new operating system, applications can no longer be launched and used. Some users even report that all of their downloads no longer appear in the App Store library.

The reason for this is Amazon’s DRM, or digital rights management. This conflicts with Android 12 and thus revokes the rights to use all apps. This prevents users of the new operating system from accessing Amazon applications no matter how hard they try. The whole thing is particularly annoying if you rely on certain platform applications.

What is the Amazon Appstore?

The Amazon Appstore is an alternative source for apps on Android. Unlike the Google Play Store, it is not pre-installed on smartphones but must first be installed on the phone as an APK. If we now compare the selection of apps, we can see that the Google Play Store has almost five times as many apps with just under 2.56 million apps compared to its competitor Amazon with a little less than 460,000 applications.

On the other hand, the Appstore has the advantage of being able to use it independently of Google. So, if you prefer to use your apps without logging into the mega-business, the Amazon store is definitely worth recommending, at least if you are using Android 11.

Amazon takes care of the problem

Now that Android 12 officially released a little over a month ago, Amazon is tackling the problem. The shipping giant has recognized and is addressing the problem. The company confirms that there are issues with the App Store. However, these only affect smartphones – the company’s own Fire tablets and Amazon Fire TV Sticks are not affected.

If you want to try out the new Android 12, but actively use Amazon’s Appstore, then better wait a bit longer. As soon as the issue is resolved, you will hear about it on NextPit.

This article was written by Dustin Porth in the context of a lawsuit. As Dustin does not have a NextPit account, the text was posted as Ben.



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