Microsoft releases SwiftKey update for Android and iOS


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Great news from Microsoft today as SwiftKey just received another update on Android and iOS which brings some exciting new features to the table.

One of the most requested features and now live, allows Android users to search for emoji using up to 139 languages ​​in the SwiftKey keyboard app, including Persian, Romanian, Thai and Turkish .

Additionally, after installing this latest update, SwiftKey users on Android can enter Awadhi, East Frisian, Garhwali, Hmar, and Saraiki.

New Multilingual Features Added to SwiftKey

In addition to the features that we have already described at the beginning of the article, Microsoft has also added Smart boostwhich automatically detects a task and asks users if they want to add it to Microsoft To Do.

For Android users, this SwiftKey update brings version and adds the following, according to the official release notes:

  • Emoji search is now available in 139 languages, including Persian, Polish, Romanian, Thai, and Turkish. See the full list here:
  • You can now type in Awadhi, East Frisian, Garhwali, Hmar and Saraiki.
  • We added the Intelligent Nudge, which automatically detects a task and prompts users to add it to To Do.

As a result, the new interface is much more user-friendly and offers a wide variety of dialects to choose from, so keep that in mind the next time you use it.

What about iOS users?

You’ll be happy to hear that iOS users haven’t been forgotten, and they’ve also received an update for their version of Microsoft’s SwiftKey.

This latest update brings the app version to 2.9.2 and does not include any other new features except the ability to search for emoji in many new languages. The full official changelog is given below.

Emoji search is now available for most languages ​​in the SwiftKey Toolbar to make finding your emoji easier!

You can download the Microsoft SwiftKey app from the Google Play Store for your Android smartphone from the Apple App Store if you are using an iOS smartphone.

Either way, there are new features to enjoy and explore, in many different languages. Excited about the new SwiftKey changes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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