Microsoft releases patch to resolve Windows account login failures


Microsoft has released a patch to address the issue that prevents its users from signing into their Windows accounts.

Many Windows users have encountered difficulties in creating a new Microsoft user account on their systems.

Users have complained that after logging out or restarting a system that is running Windows 11, version 21H2, customers cannot log back in to newly added Microsoft accounts.

Immediately after the initial reboot or logout, users were unable to log in for a short time. This issue only occurs for users who have recently added a Microsoft account, and it occurs on the very first sign-in attempt.

According to BleepingComputer, the problem was caused by a previous Windows 11 update in August, KB5016691.

Microsoft Fix Known Issues Restore

Microsoft is solving the Windows update problem by releasing a fix called Known Issue Rollback (KIR).

Known Issues Rollback is an important Windows service feature that supports fixing non-security bugs created by the company.

It gives Microsoft the ability to quickly roll back a single targeted fix to behavior that was previously released in the event that a major issue is found in that fix.

This is a new tool that has the potential to quickly return an impacted device to productive use if a problem occurs during the installation of a Windows update.

When KIR is deployed, Microsoft says it can take up to 24 hours for the patch to be released automatically to users and other unmanaged business devices.

Users who encounter this problem will not have to worry about it for very long because it will resolve itself in a short time. Users will have to wait for the lock screen to reappear before they can log in successfully, as originally intended.

Additionally, Microsoft recommends its users to restart their devices to increase the likelihood that the patch will take effect on their devices sooner.

According to Microsoft, “For company-managed devices that have installed an affected update and have experienced this issue, they can resolve it by installing and configuring a special Group Policy.”

To access the special group policy, go to the group configuration, then select Administrative Templates, click on the text option KB5016691 220722_051525 Known Issue Rollback, then click on Windows 11 (original version).

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Windows Update KB5016691 from Microsoft

The Windows update from Microsoft that brought this problem to its consumers is KB5016691, which was released last month on August 25th.

Although the update caused an unwanted inconvenience for the users, the KB5016691 update brought many additional fixes to Windows and fixed the pre-existing malfunctions that needed to be fixed.

As reported by Microsoft, Windows KB5016691 update fixes an issue that in its current state causes Windows 11 SE not to trust certain apps from the Microsoft Store.

Additionally, it fixes an issue with USB printing that, after users restart or reinstall their printers, causes printers to behave incorrectly. Additionally, it fixes an issue that could cause some Bluetooth audio headphones to stop playing after changing the progress bar.

Another new feature introduced by Windows Update was an improvement in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’s ability to recognize and prevent ransomware and sophisticated cyberattacks.

To access Windows Update, go to Settings, then find Update & Security and click on it, then select Update.

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