Microsoft PowerToys 0.49.0 Adds New Find My Mouse Tool and VCM is Back


PowerToys is Microsoft’s open source project that offers a collection of nifty tools that people can use to customize the Windows 10 or 11 user interface and experience it as they please. As we know, based on the feedback and general stability, some of the utilities are also making their way to the operating system. A vivid example of this is Snap Layouts and Span Groups in Windows 11 which borrow heavily from the FanzyZones tool in PowerToys.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft released version 0.47.1 of PowerToys to fix some bugs and provide stability updates. Today, the company rolled out version 0.49.0 which mainly focuses on modernizing the PowerRename user interface, adding a brand new mouse utility. Perhaps in particular, the Video Conference Mute is also merged into the stable versions.

What’s new

With the new mouse utility, PowerToys introduces a feature to quickly find your mouse position by pressing the left ctrl key twice. This is ideal for large, high-resolution screens and visually impaired users, with additional features and enhancements planned for future versions. Special thanks to Raymond Chen for providing the base code PowerToys used to develop this feature. To learn more, check out our mouse utilities documentation on Microsoft Docs!

As Video Conference Mute becomes available in stable releases, there are still some known bugs that we are actively working to resolve. These bugs are tracked on our GitHub, and we welcome all feedback as we work to isolate and resolve the cause.

In addition, Color Picker’s HEX format will no longer have the # character. This fixes the issues with different color entries that only accept six characters by cutting off the last value. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, as we understand that this affects users who might prefer to have # included. However, we believe this is the best solution while the custom string feature (# 8305) is under development.

Additional work in this release includes stability updates and optimizations, installer updates, general bug fixes, and accessibility improvements.

Change log


  • Find My Mouse utility added! Use the feature to quickly locate the cursor on your screens! Learn more about our mouse utility documents.
  • Accessibility and minor improvements to the user interface of the settings page. Thank you [@niels9001](!
  • Added deep links to Settings menus for various utilities in their respective editors. Thank you @ niels9001!
  • Parameter improvements to improve the clarity of various options. Thank you @ niels9001!
  • Improved settings window to adjust size and position as needed when multi-screen conditions change. Thank you @davidegiacometti!

PowerToys Awake

  • Screen reader improvements for accessibility.

Color picker

  • Color Picker’s HEX format has been changed to remove the # character. Thank you @ niels9001!
  • Accessibility improvements for screen reader and user interface to distinguish border colors when matching. Thank you @ niels9001!


  • Fixed Color Picker and OOBE windows being captured by FancyZones. Thank you @davidegiacometti!
  • Fixed regression with unmodified layouts via shortcuts.
  • Fixed a crash issue with the FancyZones editor.
  • Fixed area layouts reset after screen lock.
  • Accessibility improvements for the screen reader in the editor.

Keyboard manager

  • Fixed a crash issue when the editor is opened at high zoom on 4k monitors.


  • New user interface update! We hope you enjoy the modern experience and take advantage of new tooltips for describing common regular expressions and text / file formatting. Thanks to @ niels9001 for all the support on this redesign!

PowerToys Run

  • Windows terminal plugin added. Open the shells via the Windows terminal via _ default activation command. Thank you @davidegiacometti!
  • Added environment variables to folder plugin search. Thank you @davidegiacometti!
  • Fixed some schemas being overwritten by HTTPS. Thank you @ franky920920!
  • Fixed an issue with the program plug-in stuck in infinite loops as some file paths are searched recursively.

Video conferencing mute

  • VCM added to stable versions of PowerToys!
powertoys screenshot

If you are using PowerToys in Windows 11, you can pick it up from the Microsoft Store. For others on Windows 10, you can open the app and click “Check for Updates” in the Updates section of the General tab. Those wishing to try PowerToys for the first time can grab the version 0.49.0 installer from the app’s GitHub page.


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