Microsoft Flight Simulator Concorde (confirmed for Xbox) and F-16 get new screenshots; The Sim, Jersey and Andrewsfield patch are out


Today Microsoft and Asobo released a hotfix update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, entire third-party developers had many reveals and versions to share.

First up, here is the changelog for the patch, which requires a 465 megabyte download from Windows Store / Steam on PC, in addition to the 528 megabytes to download in the sim (and 10kb in the content manager).

  • Fixed broken night lighting when the render scale was not set to 100%
  • Added an offscreen pre-cache option in the VR menu
  • Fixed some general crashes
  • Fixed the trim reset button on the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant
  • Safe mode will no longer trigger if there is a crash when closing the program
  • The missing water mask in Lucerne has been added
  • Color correction for photogrammetry in Vienna has been changed
  • The water crack has been fixed near the Moritzburg POI
  • Fixed point of land around LOWI
  • Fixed crash with Resync from Aircraft Editor with no aircraft selected

Next, we hear from DC Designs, which provided new screenshots and details on the upcoming Concorde. We’re also getting official confirmation that it’s coming for the Xbox version of the PC simulation.

“The conversion of my Prepar3D Concorde has been going on for a while now, because when the chances arose I updated the project as I learned more about MSFS. This means that, far from starting from scratch, Concorde is already in the simulator with most of the external animations working. Also, since much of Concorde is unique, the custom code that was created for many features in Prepar3D has transferred seamlessly into MSFS. It is this head start that allows me to project a launch date before Christmas 2021 for Concorde.

AGAIN, EVERYTHING IS WIP. The images show the aircraft with only a very basic PBR and the original normal charts, essentially as it was in Prepar3D. Much of the work over the next couple of months will be to bring the modeling and texturing to the MSFS standard with the use of higher resolutions, new stickers for stencils, panel lines and rivets, the real PBR , etc.

There will be many questions about the level of detail of this rendering of the aircraft (as there was with the Prepar3D version). First of all, the visual details will be much higher this time around, because of course MSFS allows a lot more to be done. The cockpit is rebuilt and re-textured, the exterior model also in many areas. The fidelity of the systems will be slightly higher than that found in the Prepar3D version, mainly due to the fact that I understand the coding better now. While fans of study-level aircraft are unlikely to be won over by this level of detail, Concorde will feature all of the quirks of the actual aircraft, just like the Prepar3D version; fuel transfer for pitch attitude, running climb profile for cruise acceleration, nose sag animations, very realistic flight model with super cruise and more. The mechanic’s station will again be fully functional, although reduced in complexity because I want this Concorde to remain within everyone’s reach. Custom sounds for Olympus engines will accompany the package, as well as color schemes for major Concorde operators. The paint kit and a fridge-sized manual will also be there, but I hope to use the simulator’s checklist feature so new users can follow a checklist for an * entire * flight from Heathrow. to JFK without having to refer to a physical manual or PDF – making it easier for console users to learn how to properly operate the Concorde while driving it.

Finally, the new model will make full use of the MSFS decal system, so all panel lines and rivets will become high resolution decals along with all other markings. The model will use all the lighting in the simulation; brand new passenger cabin modeling, and as many MSFS support animations (loading baggage, doors, tanker, ground power, effects, etc.) as I can work with the aircraft to make it as complete as possible. Maybe the only thing missing at launch will be the real afterburners, which are now delayed for MSFS until May 2022. I will use my existing custom afterburner system in their place (the same one used on the F- 15 and F-14) until exhaustion the support comes to the sim.

We also hear from SC Design, which has released new screenshots and its own development update for the F-16C Fighting Falcon.

“The F-16 cockpit had many of its switches, buttons and instruments installed this week. There are so many block variations / variations of this iconic fighter that it’s pretty hard to decide which cockpit layout I should use. Since the majority of the F-16’s combat and weapon systems are not usable in MSFS at this time, I opted for a configuration based primarily on the Block 52 cockpit, but with a few differences in the details. .

The MFDs and HUD are active and working as they should, while the coding of all switches and commands is applied while I work on the various systems. The F-16 did not have an auxiliary power unit (something it had in common with the F-14), so a GPU model will be provided, as will a battery switch to let you start them. motors if you are in a field without ground supply facilities.

The special effects that will accompany the launch will include all of the now familiar effects such as engine exhaust blur, tire smoke, and contrails. I’m also going to try the wing tip G tourbillons with this one, to see how it goes (it might give me a head start on DC Designs!). Sim Acoustics integrated the F-16s for fully customized sound in November. have to see how it goes.

The next two to three weeks will see the completion of the F-16C cockpit, which will then allow me to convert the modeling to support the rear seat layout of the F-16D. It won’t be a fully functional aft cockpit – the visuals will match, but the displays will be repeaters. Full flight controls will be included, however, along with all essential instruments for training purposes, ready for when we see the shared cockpit arrive at MSFS.

We also take a look at two new screenshots of Nanki-Shirahama Airport (RJBD) in Japan by Gate15Scenery, showing the interior.

We then move on to two versions, starting with Uk2000 Scenery, which launched Jersey Airport (EGJJ) in the Channel Islands.

It’s available on the developer’s own store for £ 14.99.

  • Full details Buildings
  • Realistic ground markings
  • High resolution ground image
  • UK runway marks
  • Stunning nighttime effects
  • Highly detailed airport vehicles
  • Excellent frame rates
  • Complete set of signs
  • Fencing
  • GA static aircraft
  • Manual and options
  • Improved track lights
  • Vegetation
  • PBR materials
  • Animated ‘WigWags’

Finally, Burning Blue Design launched Andrewsfield Aerodrome (EGSL) in the UK.

It’s available from the developer’s own store for £ 8.95.

  • Over 70 custom 3D objects were created exclusively for Andrewsfield Airfield, each with Full Physical Rendering (PBR) allowing for much more realistic textures.
  • There are thousands of carefully placed stock assets, every cone, weed, pole and shrub, as well as an assortment of ground workers have been placed in its correct location ensuring a working airfield atmosphere.
  • High-resolution, color-corrected ground textures taken from Bing maps and manipulated for consistency and realism that far surpass the quality of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ground texture.
  • Custom working windsock.
  • Custom Dassault Mystere IV – Registration 8-ND
  • Full night lighting placed on the airfield and in and around hangars and buildings.
  • The correct AI model procedures and the precise placement of taxiways and runways have been incorporated into the release.
  • The surroundings have been enhanced:
    • Fields and farms were improved with agricultural equipment and hay bales.
    • The roads around the airfield have been improved with correct markings and colors.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X | S.


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