Microsoft Edge can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Store on Windows 11


Last month, Microsoft finally unveiled the highly anticipated Windows 11 update. The new update comes with an updated user interface, performance and productivity improvements. Microsoft has also released the minimum system requirements for Windows 11, which includes Secure Boot and TPM 2.0, among others, but the latter can be bypassed for now.

At the event, Microsoft noted that the new Microsoft Store will come with an updated user interface and serve as a home for all kinds of apps, including PWAs, Win32, Electron and more. It looks like the company started rolling out proprietary apps on the new store ahead of the official launch. Earlier today, Windows Insiders started seeing the Microsoft Edge web browser on the new Microsoft Store. Insiders can click install and download Edge just like any other Store app.

Screenshot of Edge from Microsoft Store

Once downloaded, the installer will appear asking for administrator permission to install Edge web browser. Currently, it’s not clear if Microsoft plans to deliver Edge updates through the Microsoft Store, but it will make sense and streamline the process of updating all proprietary Microsoft apps.

Screenshot of Edge from Microsoft Store

Additionally, the new store also hosts a bunch of Edge extensions, including LastPass, allowing users to download extensions directly from the Microsoft Store.

Screenshot of Edge from Microsoft Store

Finally, Microsoft is also testing a beta version of DevTools for Microsoft Edge. The current version available on the Microsoft Store is similar to the public version, but we expect Microsoft to add new features to the beta app in the future.

Screenshot of Edge from Microsoft Store

Microsoft is expected to add more apps as well as the Amazon App Store in the coming months. According to recent leaks, the Redmond giant is targeting October 2021 as the Windows 11 release date.

For more information on Windows 11, you can see our article on minimum system requirements as well as the list of processors that support Windows 11. In addition to the general requirements, Microsoft has also listed the specific feature requirements for Windows 11, including webcams, bluetooth. and Precision Touchpad on all future laptops. Last month, Microsoft also updated the PC Health Check app to show why a device is not ineligible to receive the Windows 11 update. However, the company will allow some manufacturers to bypass the TPM 2.0 requirement and will also allow Windows Insiders with unsupported hardware to test Windows 11 Insider builds. Several manufacturers have published a list of hardware that will be compatible with Windows 11.

If you are still not in the know, you can watch a how-to video. If you want to get detailed information about Windows 11, you can check out our article covering all the new features and changes.

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