Microsoft Build to Highlight Teams Integration with Metaverse


Leaked details about the upcoming Microsoft Build 2022 developer conference have recently surfaced, indicating that the company will discuss its plans for the metaverse and new Windows application development.

Laurent Giret from detailed that Microsoft will devote two sessions of its Build conference to the topics. One session is titled “Microsoft Build Into Focus: Metaverse” and will be moderated by Nicole Herskowitz, General Manager of Microsoft Teams, and Sam George, Vice President of Azure IoT, in addition to Matt Fleckenstein.

"In this session, we’ll explore the power and flexibility of Windows, its tools, and unveil some exciting news… you don’t want to miss this session!" 🥸

— Walking cat (@_h0x0d_) April 17, 2022

While Microsoft didn’t give details on what to expect from this session, About MSFT suggests that the host range could indicate developments on how the metaverse will work with Microsoft Teams.

Well-known leak from Microsoft MarcheCat discovered the session information on Twitter, indicating that the session will take place on Tuesday, May 24 from 12:30-1:14 PDT.

The other session is titled “Developing Windows Apps on and for a Rich Ecosystem of Platforms and Devices,” which will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. PT on Wednesday, May 25. The session will focus on “how Windows empowers developers to build apps for many platforms, including Linux, Android, and the cloud,” Giret said.

MarcheCat also revealed some of the session descriptions, which say “in this session, we’ll explore the power and flexibility of Windows, tools, and unveil exciting news…you don’t want to miss this session!”

There are a total of 82 sessions available on the Microsoft Build 2022 Session Schedule page. Currently, most sessions remain without details, however, as the developer conference approaches, more information will definitely be added.

Some sessions with details listed include “Extending Teams Apps to Office and Outlook”, “Relevant Notifications Across Microsoft 365 & Windows”, and “Evolving the Microsoft Store for Business and Education”.

Microsoft Build 2022 runs May 24-26 and is free to register and attend virtually.

The Developer Conference follows Microsoft’s Spring Event, which showcased the latest productivity updates in Windows 11.

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