Microsoft accidentally introduces the new Notepad for Windows 11


One of the most popular apps on Windows is slated for a major design upgrade later this year, according to screenshots posted by an alleged Microsoft employee. Notepad, which has become a separate, in-store and optional update application on Windows 11, is updated with a new command bar and improvements from Fluent Design.

Several applications benefit from a modern design for Windows 11 and many more are expected to receive improvements in the coming weeks. We’ve already posted screenshots of the new Media Player for Windows 11, and it looks like Notepad is getting some much-needed improvements, according to screenshots posted by engineer Microsoft.

The new Notepad app was accidentally leaked on Twitter by a Microsoft engineer, and all screenshots were deleted immediately after users reported them. As you can see in the screenshot below, Notepad boasts a Windows 11 inspired design with rounded corners support. Rounded corners will apply to menus, pop-ups, and other areas of the application.

Notepad for Windows 11

The notepad adopts Microsoft’s new Fluent design language and also comes with new icons and typography. It appears to be getting new animations and support for a dedicated settings page.

Fluent’s new redesign can be seen in the Notepad window, and Microsoft is also working on Mica hardware for the app. Mica is a new design material that aligns the wallpaper and background of apps with Windows 11 customization settings, like accent color.

This Mica effect can help distinguish multiple instances of the app and it won’t cause performance issues, according to Microsoft officials.

Notepad is now much cleaner and retains the familiar features like File, Edit, etc. Based on this leak, it doesn’t look like there are any new features, but Microsoft appears to be working on a new settings page for Notepad.

Notepad dark mode

The settings page has confirmed support for themes, so dark mode and more themes will be available soon. In fact, users will be able to switch between dark and light modes directly from Notepad settings.

You will be able to configure the font settings (family, style and size) directly from this new settings page. You can also switch between classic and modern file editing experience, especially when you are having trouble opening certain files.

Notepad will automatically receive new features and upgrades through the Microsoft Store, which means you don’t have to wait for new additions to bundle with Windows 11 feature updates.


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