Marvel Snap earns $2 million in first week and becomes #1 iPhone game in US and Canada


Marvel Snap ends its first week atop the iPhone App Store in the US and Canada, garnering 5.3 million downloads and $2 million in revenue.

Digital Trading Card Game from Nuverse and Second Dinner Studios marvel snap earned over $2 million in its first week, topping the App Store games category in the US and Canada.

According to Mobilegamer, statistics taken from mobile market intelligence tool AppMagic revealed that marvel snap hit 5.3 million downloads a week after its October 18 release, with the free-to-play game grossing over $2 million. marvel snapThe rapid growth of Marvel Comics’ player base has also led to its rise in the Google Play and App Store marketplaces, earning the Marvel Comics Card Game a spot in the top 10 most downloaded mobile games. in many countries. The Google Play store notably ranked marvel snap topped its list of games in Canada, France, and Germany, while the App Store also saw the card game top the charts in the United States and Canada.

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Further analysis also revealed that the majority of marvel snapIncoming players came from the United States, with 1.3 million downloads recorded over the week. Brazil came in far behind with 433,000 downloads, while Italy ranked third with 342,000 new users. The United States also led in terms of revenue, gaining marvel snap $1.3 million. That put it well above the other two biggest spenders, the Philippines and Korea, which paid $186,000 and $142,000 respectively.

marvel snap is a free-to-play digital trading card game, featuring an assortment of beloved characters from various Marvel Comics IPs. At the time of writing, there are over 300 cards available. Although it includes an in-game store, players can only purchase cosmetic items which do not provide in-game benefits and cannot purchase booster packs or individual cards in exchange for real currency. Instead, players looking to unlock new cards for their deck should increase their Collector Level by upgrading the cards they already have. Players can reliably obtain upgrade materials by playing matches or completing various challenges.

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The preparation for marvel snapThe release of was not as well received as its debut. The game had previously sparked controversy after players in the closed beta test complained about marvel snapThe lopsided progression system, with users slamming the Marvel Card Game for its tedious and time-consuming gameplay model. Critics were further outraged when the game introduced more microtransactions with Nexus Events, which featured limited-time characters that could only be obtained through rare special card packs. In response, the players accused marvel snap to create a predatory monetization system, eventually convincing the developers to remove Nexus Events entirely and refund all purchased Nexus packs.

marvel snap is available for iOS, Android and PC.

Source: Mobilegamer


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