Marvel Realm of Champions Removed From Play Store, Servers Officially Closing March 31


Marvel Contest of Champions still remains king

Marvel Realm of Champions Final Hero

It’s official, Marvel Realm of Champions will soon be reaching end of life. In one Kabam’s recent post, the developer has revealed that Marvel Realm of Champions is already removed from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, but the game is not over yet as the servers won’t go offline until March 31st. This means that if you have the game installed, you will be able to play for another two months, although all in-app purchases are already offline. The game is coming to an end, but Kabam plans to let Realm of Champions come out with a bang by rebalancing things for fun for once, which is kind of ironic that the best time to play is when the game is dead and on its way. to be buried.


You may not know this, but there is a story attached to Realm of Champions that has something to do with solving who killed Maestro. So far, that question has gone unanswered, but Kabam says he’ll finish the story before the doors close on March 31. Of course, if you’re interested in the rebalancing that will take place before the end date, here’s a short list of what you can expect.

  • New gear sets and weapons will be available
  • We will significantly increase the number of units we offer
  • Equipment crates and crafting crystals will cost less units
  • Arena Conquest, Daily Missions, Solo Conquest, War Thor’s Crucible and Deathmatch game modes will be available until March 31

So yes, even though Realm of Champions is much newer than Contest of champions, Kabam recommends players switch to the old game to continue their Marvel journey once Realm of Champions closes its doors. Of course, even the launch of Realm of Champions in 2020 was telling, as it wasn’t very well received. So it was only a matter of time for Realm of Champions to be shut down as it clearly wasn’t making any money, but at least those still playing will get a chance to experience some thrills before things end in March.

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