Lineage W tops the game rankings though response remains mixed


NCSoft’s latest online game, Lineage W [NCSOFT]

Lineage W, NCSoft’s latest online game, established itself as the top mobile game on the Google Play and Apple App Store game charts in the first week of release, signaling an improvement in outlook for a company that has struggling to maintain the loyalty of its base.

Lineage W – the newest massively multiplayer online role-playing game (Mmorpg) available for mobile devices, computers, and consoles – released on the morning of November 4 with mixed expectations from gamers and analysts.

While analysts believed the latest addition to the Lineage family could put NCSoft back in the game rankings, users remained skeptical whether the company could really break free from the so-called payments system to earn who’s pressing them for money. ‘money.

NCSoft has been criticized by gamers since the start of the year for charging users extra for better elements in games in order to beat others – the so-called pay-to-win business model – and for having used the model in many of its online games.

NCSoft’s Lineage M mobile game players staged a protest in April using LED light trucks demanding the company offer refunds.

In an effort to win back gamers, NCSoft announced in a September showcase for Lineage W that it would reduce the use of the payment system to win in the new game. But details were scarce, disappointing users.

The stock has been choppy, rising slightly since early October but down nearly 40% from its 2020 all-time high of over 1 million won ($ 849.4).

Users have complained that the game is not much different from existing Lineage mobile games, especially in terms of the pay-to-win functionality.

“Honestly, it’s like they’ve taken the Lineage M game and just switched the M to W,” read a comment posted Nov. 5 in the reviews section of the Google Play Store. “It’s not trying to get you to spend money after you’ve had fun. It just keeps you from playing, so you won’t have a choice but to pay.

“Haven’t they learned anything from Trixter M and Blade & Soul 2?” Read another comment posted on November 4. “People are going to think this is the only type of game NCSoft plans to make, and that’s why the stock price is dropping.”

Despite harsh criticism, Lineage W continued their winning streak in the Apple and Google games rankings on Tuesday.

Kakao Games’ Odin: Valhalla Rising has been at the top of the gaming revenue charts since its release on June 29, pushing down mobile games Lineage M and Lineage 2M. This meant hardship for NCSoft, as 80% of all its revenue comes from the Lineage franchise.

But Lineage W overtook Odin.

It was # 1 on the Apple App Store Daily Game Revenue chart on November 4, the day of release, and also took # 1 on the Google Play Store games chart on November 6. . He is still at the top of both tables. from Tuesday.

Analysts estimate gamers spent an average of 16 billion won every day in the first four days of Lineage W’s release, beating the old record for highest daily income of 10.7 billion won spent on Lineage. M in 2017.

Odin reportedly grossed 7 billion won on the first day of its release and an average of 3.2 billion won each day in the third quarter.

Analysts are optimistic.

“The W line got off to a smooth start despite concerns,” read a report from Hyundai Motor Securities on Tuesday. “Lineage M and Lineage 2M are number 2 and 3 in the mobile games rankings, which will generate more revenue for the company. ”

Lineage W faces a new rival, the mobile shooter PUBG: New State, which will be released by Krafton on Thursday.

PUBG: New State is the successor to its global mega-bit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and will launch in 200 countries and 17 different languages.

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