Kombiz Salehi’s new book “My Life as an Immigrant” is a compelling memoir of the author’s journey to the United States as an immigrant


Kombiz Salehi, an Iranian-American writer, educator and former federal agent who was naturalized as a US citizen at the age of twenty-seven and has been in the United States for fifty-nine years, has completed his new book “My Life in as an Immigrant ”: a well-crafted book detailing the author’s poignant circumstances as an immigrant in the United States of America.

This book is the life story of an immigrant who arrived in the United States at the age of eighteen with twelve dollars in his pocket and who remained in the United States for fifty-nine years. He became an immigrant three years after arriving and a US citizen five years later. Over the next fifty years he made a significant contribution to American society in more than one capacity. He sponsored all of his studies and obtained a bachelor’s, master’s, MBA and doctorate, obtaining his doctorate at the age of seventy-four. After the master’s degree in nuclear engineering, he worked in the US nuclear industry as a nuclear engineer, including fifteen years in managerial positions in companies such as GE Nuclear, Bechtel, Exelon (formerly ComEd), Parsons and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC). He retained his security clearance during his 7-year tenure with the US NRC. He was a middle manager for GE for a decade. As an assistant professor for eight years, he taught MBA, physics and mathematics to university students. His contributions extend through his three children in three circles of American society. A son is in the biomedical field as a director of medical research at a large US pharmaceutical company, with his departments assisting in the development of the COVID-19 virus vaccine for his company. Her daughter is a competent litigator and a partner in a large law firm. Her second son is vice president of finance at a mortgage company and has graduated from a seminary program with periodic delivery of sermons to members of his church. The most interesting and gripping part of this book is an episode of the true story of her life with her ex-daughter-in-law who was diagnosed with an extreme case of bipolar disorder. This is a major drama justifying one film in the series of events the author faced during his second marriage. It covered the largest chapter of this book.

Published by Page Publishing, Kombiz Salehi’s opus shows a man’s relentless pursuit for stability and success in life despite struggling to be a foreigner in a country far from his homeland with an entirely different culture.

Readers who wish to explore this work can purchase “My Immigrant Life” in bookstores around the world, or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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