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TOKYO, November 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, has announced the release of a range of six new consumer games now available on Google Play and the App Store. Casual games are easy to play games that anyone can pick up and enjoy. The lineup consists of popular titles originally released in Japan and KLab will continue to release new English versions of more casual games in the future.

KLab casual games overview

Check out these new casual games now available on Google Play and the App Store.

Merge sushi

Google Play: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/e8n7HQzB4NaaZikv5vlt6f

App Store: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/hVttIm1N5ndJ5G9l6TMtgr

A casual and easy to play sushi game. Combine similar types of sushi to create a whole new kind of sushi.

Great escape

Google Play: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/hgwEBEU4ruAYDtvqpsQg8u

App Store: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/hgwEBEU4ruAYDtvqpsQg8u

Avoid the surprises of everyday life. Save the player character from all the misfortunes that befall him.

Fluffy sheep farm

Google Play: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/fXKryJPTVVviCd9P2E4bax?

App Store: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/ds1wH9b8Sg7onKzJrjrUNj?

Have you always dreamed of escaping city life to run your own quiet farm full of fluffy sheep? Collect colorful sheep to improve your farm in this simulation game.

cool kid

Google Play: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/dAQe9h6EkpF1rxLCmWgRgT?

App Store: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/fgTDl6E0mPA7Nm0hb70byY?

There are a lot of everyday situations one can relate to in this simple and relaxed escape puzzle solving game. Just hard enough to kick your old noggin.

Poultry Inc.

Google Play: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/bmp9EYDKByf4VBhLaGelHZ

App Store: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/hngoyvNBqjNEAH9LsJFVeI

Congratulations on your appointment as Plant Manager of Poultry Inc. Starting today, you will be responsible for overseeing the breeding, processing and shipping of our one-of-a-kind poultry. . Master the chicks of the trade and make this factory a real success story.


Google Play: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/b6dqrcxt7uAArcP4zur5EY?

App Store: https://track.tenjin.com/v0/click/dwDBcyF07qMPmpcX1fHKw6?

Repair the cities in the diorama by spotting the differences. The city is down. Repair the city to bring it back to normal. Only you can restore the diorama to its former glory.

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