Kindle and Audible return to Windows 11 Store


Microsoft announced in September that the Amazon App Store would be available in Windows 11 in a bunch of new countries. This includes Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK. There was no date when people could download the App Store and start using Android apps for Audible Store and Kindle. Today the service is now live and I downloaded the app store in Canada. It is therefore likely to be available in a dozen new markets.

There are over 2,000 Android apps available. What is most exciting for PC users is being able to install the Kindle app for Android. Since the content is managed by the Amazon store and not by Microsoft, Amazon can facilitate in-app purchases for comics, books, manga, magazines, and newspapers. Audible killed off its PC app a while ago, and PC users can finally start using the service again.

The Kindle app for Android looks great on PC as well as Microsoft Surface tablets and laptops. The reading pane takes up your entire screen. There are many fonts to use such as Bookerly and Ember Bold, these are two fonts that Amazon developed themselves. There are also popular ones like Caecilla and Droid Serif. If you have never used the Kindle Android app before, users have the option to change the background color from white to black, green, and a paper color. Margins, line spacing, alignment and one or two pages are available. On a PC, one page is best, but your mileage may vary depending on the type of Windows 11 device you have. To turn the pages, you cannot use your mouse, but you must use the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard

What most users will appreciate is that you can browse books on Amazon Store, download samples, or purchase the book. Amazon handles all in-app purchases, so it’s possible to use this one app to play and purchase new digital content. Amazon really promotes Prime Reading in the app, there are some images and links you can click on that will get Prime members free e-books.

The Audible app store at least in Canada lists the French version, but when you download, install, and open the app, it’s entirely in English. Hopefully that won’t stop other users from catching it. The Audible experience is fantastic. The entire app takes up full screen on a PC and there is no pixelation with any of the covers or the UI. At the very top, it lists all the audiobook thumbnails you have purchased and below it are Audible recommendations. This includes New Releases, Best of 2022 (so far), and a bunch of recommendations based on past purchases. Of course, there are categories you can search for. If you’re a paying member with an active subscription, you can access a bunch of Audible originals to listen to for free.

If you click on an audiobook you own, a small mini player will be at the bottom of the screen. It will show the book cover, how much time is left, and a 30 second game and skip back. If you click anywhere on the mini player you will be given full controls. You can adjust the playback speed, skip forward or backward by one chapter, in addition to skip forward or back 30 seconds. I have very good Edmonds speakers with a subwoofer and a great sound card, so the audiobooks are absolutely fantastic, full of rich vocals and great sound quality.

Audible members will see their credits displayed at the very top. Much like the Kindle app, the main home screen is full of recommendations based on your library, but also plenty of promoted titles. The cover is huge and vibrant. However, some large images have obviously been optimized for mobile, such as the large banner for “Your Free Listen – Southern Book Clubs Guide to Vampire Slaying”. If you have credit, you can redeem it for any audiobook on the platform. If you have no more credits or if you are not subscribed to Audible, it is possible to buy them individually. Prices are relatively cheap, as far as audiobooks go. Most of the titles I’ve found cost around $17 each, which is about the same price as an e-book.

The Windows Subsystem for Android that powers these apps on Windows 11 is also being improved. The latest Windows 11 22H2 update delivers faster graphics performance with hardware acceleration, video DRM support, better input handling via touch, mouse, and keyboard, as well as network and data enhancements. security.


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