Killinger and Sycamores hit the pitch for the first official training of the 2021-22 season


HIGH EARTH, Ind. – The head coach Chad killer and the Indiana State women’s basketball team hit the field for their first official practice as the Sycamores prepare for practice less than six weeks before the start of the 2021-22 regular season.

The Sycamores performed a variety of drills and 5v5 situations on the training ground in a two-hour plus session as the focus shifted from off-season training to a state of mind. competitive.

Killinger noted the change in mindset as the State of Indiana prepares for its first season under his sidelines.

“Obviously the biggest difference today has been having everyone in the same workout gear,” Killinger said. “We almost compare it to Christmas where everything is shiny and shiny on the pitch. It’s a little different now, because we’ve changed the pace of things and need to continue to be really efficient and keep pace with longer practice. . “

Indiana State took advantage of the opportunity to run their off-season training schedule throughout the summer months and Killinger noted that his team had been particularly focused on developing consistency in their playing habits on the court.

“It was difficult to distinguish a player who stood out from the field until training,” he commented. “Everyone has had their good days and their tough days, but we all aim to improve every day. From a leadership perspective, we have seen Sommer Pitzer, Nathalie Lalic, and Hattie Westerfield all take on key roles in helping us keep the team together and focused both on and off the pitch.

The Sycamores continue their training and will alternate morning and evening training throughout October with the aim of being ready for the kickoff on November 9 against Stephens College (Mo.) at the Hulman Center.

For now, it’s about taking care of themselves and using training opportunities to improve on and off the pitch.

“My opinion is a matter of everyday in every training,” said Killinger. “We’re starting to see things that extend from drills to 5v5 sessions and see progress as they go up and down the floor. The carry-over is going to be the most important thing for us and us. “We will work to improve each day, to do our best and to improve as a unit.”

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