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If you have an iPhone and are traveling by car, you should know Apple’s version of Android Auto.

Known as CarPlay, the software has some striking similarities in terms of functionality. Those who use Apple devices therefore use CarPlay for detailed navigation, calls and listening to music.

The best thing is that you can use Siri to access most of these features so that you never get distracted. It even supports some third-party apps like WhatsApp and Waze among many others.

If you are wearing a device running iOS 7.1 or later, you can use CarPlay to connect your phone to your car. Depending on the make and model of the car, you can choose to connect to CarPlay wirelessly or using a cable.

That said, it looks like the recently released iPhone is having connectivity issues with CarPlay. According to users, iPhone 13 instantly disconnects the moment they try to play an audio file.

No matter which app you need to play audio, the phone suddenly disconnects without any warning. Many say that the problem persists in iOS 15.1 Developer Beta 1 as well.


Hello, I just received my iPhone 13 Pro Max with iOS 15.0. Unfortunately, CarPlay is not working properly in my car (Audi A3 8Y Sportback (2021)). CarPlay itself works, but whenever I want to listen to music through Spotify, Apple Music or any other music app, CarPlay immediately disconnects. It doesn’t matter if I am connected wirelessly or wired. Has anyone else encountered similar issues?

Updated my iPhone 11 to iOS 15, driving in store without any problem with Carplay. There I activated my new iPhone 13 mini (and deactivated on the 11th) and now Carplay no longer works. Trying to play music causes it to crash and won’t come back. Unpaired and re-paired the phone, turned the phone off and on again several times, reset the stereo / screen, tried a new cable, nothing works.

This is really disappointing because many of those who connect their phone to CarPlay do so for turn-by-turn navigation or because they want to listen to podcasts or music.

Additionally, it looks like the majority of people with connectivity issues with CarPlay seem to have restored their settings from iCloud or are using the Late Night EQ setting.

Fortunately, users have found a a bunch of workarounds it seems to work for many.

If you’re having CarPlay connectivity issues on the iPhone 13, try disabling the equalizer or changing it to something other than Late Night by going to Settings> Music> EQ.

If you can’t find the option or aren’t using Apple Music, just install the app from the App Store and it will be there. If this workaround does not work for you, resetting the phone settings may fix the problem.

However, before resetting your phone settings, keep in mind that you will lose app data and your device customizations like wallpaper.

We hope that Apple fixes the CarPlay connectivity issues on the iPhone 13 on the beta and stable version of iOS 15 in an update.

When they do, we’ll update this space, so be sure to keep an eye out. In the meantime, let us know if the workaround worked for you in the comments section below.

Update 1 (September 30)

12:29 (IST): A recent video on YouTube highlighted several potential solutions to the problem. However, the two that stand out the most seem to turn off the EQ function and completely reset the settings.

Update 2 (October 01)

3:11 p.m. (IST): Apple Support has confirmed that the company is aware of the widespread issue and is working on a fix. In the meantime, they also suggested to turn on / off the EQ option.

Hi. Thanks for reaching out. We are here to help you. We are aware of this problem and are working on it.

One thing you can try is to go to Settings> Music> EQ on / off.

If that doesn’t work, please know that we are working on a fix and keep your phone updated. (Source)

Update 3 (October 02)

2:00 p.m. (IST): The IOS 15.0.1 Update is there, but it does not provide a solution to the CarPlay issue faced by iPhone 13 users. Well, at least the update log makes no mention of it.

Update 4 (October 04)

2:04 p.m. (IST): While CarPlay users continue to have trouble, Android Auto is absolutely killing it. Some reports even suggest that it has become the preferred system of many drivers.

Update 5 (October 05)

6:27 p.m. (IST): If you haven’t already done so, you can consult the database troubleshooting steps Apple to address most issues that can arise with CarPlay.

1. Check your connection to your CarPlay stereo:
– If you have a wired connection, try reconnecting with another USB cable to another USB port if you have one.
– If you have a wireless connection, make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on under Settings> Wi-Fi and Settings> Bluetooth.
2. If CarPlay does not activate automatically, look for the CarPlay logo on your car screen.
3. Restart your iPhone and your car.
4. Make sure Siri is turned on.
5. If your iPhone is not detected by CarPlay, make sure that CarPlay is not restricted. Go to Settings> Screen time> Content & privacy restrictions, tap Allowed apps and make sure CarPlay is turned on.
6. Go to Settings> General> CarPlay, tap your car, then tap Forget This Car. Then set up CarPlay again.
7. Make sure your CarPlay stereo is using the latest firmware from the car manufacturer. Consult your car manual for more information.

Update 6 (October 06)

5:16 p.m. (IST): While Apple has yet to resolve connectivity issues with CarPlay and the latest iPhones, some users have at least something to look forward to.

According to a fee report, Electrifying America users can now immerse themselves in the charging network application directly via CarPlay, and of course, Android Auto too.

Update 7 (October 08)

6:06 p.m. (IST): Apple would have plans to add support for features like air conditioning, speedometer, radio and seats to CarPlay. This should greatly improve the user experience.

However, all of that is good as long as the Cupertino giant manages to fix the connectivity issues first.

Update 8 (October 11)

1:00 p.m. (IST): On iOS 15, several streaming apps like Amazon Music would be affected by this issue. On a related note, we recently saw SiriusXM report that they were aware of the CarPlay issue.

Now SiriusXM is out again to report that while they are aware of and are working on the issue, there is no ETA for a fix.

SiriusXM does not have an ETA for a fix

Update 9 (October 12)

10:00 am (IST): Apple is rolling out iOS 15.0.2 and iPadOS 15.0.2 and brings with it a bunch of device bug fixes, including fixes to CarPlay issues:

– Photos saved to your library from Messages can be deleted after deleting the associated thread or message
– iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe may not connect to Find My
– AirTag may not appear in the Find My Items tab
– CarPlay may fail to open audio apps or disconnect while playing
– Device restore or update may fail when using Finder or iTunes for iPhone 13 models

Update 10 (October 14)

12:00 (IST): iOS 15.1 beta 4 has been seeded to developers and yet there does not appear to be a solution to this Apple CarPlay issue and as such the wait for a solution continues.

Update 11 (October 16)

6:17 p.m. (IST): CarPlay users who use apps like SiriusXM and Amazon Music will be happy to hear that the issue has been fixed with the iOS 15.0.2 update. More on that here.

Update 12 (October 18)

5:05 p.m. (IST): A fresh report pointed out that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto attract the most criticism from consumers in the industry due to connectivity issues on both platforms.

So it looks like Apple and Google still have a long way to go to improve the user experience on their car infotainment platforms.

Update 13 (October 19)

10:52 am (IST): One of the affected users took to Reddit to note that he had managed to get CarPlay to work properly. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what troubleshooting measure worked.

messed up with carplay settings worked

Update 14 (October 20)

12:52 p.m. (IST): iOS 15.1 Release Candidate is being rolled out to developers, but there is no CarPlay improvement. So the wait continues.

To note: We have more such stories in our dedicated iOS section, so be sure to follow them as well.

Update 15 (October 21)

11:30 am (IST): Users to have found a workaround for iPhone 13 connectivity issues with CarPlay. Basically you have to try to force remove all apps using bluetooth in the background.

The problem appears to be related to interference between the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth and the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi that connects the phone to the car.

Update 16 (October 23)

4:32 p.m. (IST): Apple is expected to release iOS 15.1 on October 25, which may fix the CarPlay issues. So, users can look forward to it. You can check the status of iOS 15.1 here.

Update 17 (October 26)

13:34 (IST): Users who are still having issues with CarPlay can check out the new iOS 15.1 update to see if there are any improvements.

Unfortunately, the release notes do not mention any fixes for the CarPlay issues.

Update 18 (October 28)

3:12 p.m. (IST): The first one iOS 15.2 beta the update is here with some new features. However, there is no word on the improvements in the CarPlay department.

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