iPad 6 won’t get apps or data from iPhone 13 via Quick Start

I am posting this after spending hours over several days with 7 different Apple Support people and waiting a week for a call that never came from upper level support. No one said what I wanted to do was unusual or couldn’t work.

Brand new iPad Mini gen 6 purchased directly from Apple Store online two weeks ago. After the 4th support person couldn’t help me, I sent the iPad back to Apple and got a new one. This was in case the original one was faulty.
I currently have an iPhone 13 mini. It is backed up with iTunes on a Windows 10 PC. No iCloud backup.
Both devices running iOs 15.7, Bluetooth working, connected to internet

As soon as I received the new iPad mini, I tried setting it up from the iPhone using Quick Start. I’ve done this many times for myself and others when upgrading to a new iPhone. I had never tried with an iPad.

At first it went as planned. For example, wifi credentials transferred immediately. Soon my iPhone said something like “Done. Let the ipad do it from here.”

Then I got to the screen which offers options to transfer apps and data. The only choice that could apply was a bit oddly worded. Although I initially recognized that I was transferring from an iPhone, the menu said “transfer apps and data from iPad”. Clicking on this choice caused the small activity circle to spin for about a minute. Then I was back to an unchanged app and data transfer menu. No apps or data transferred.

Note: At no time during the Quickstart process did I see an error message.

Then I tried using an iTunes backup. I made a new backup first. My default was an encrypted backup, so I did. Then I wiped the iPad, erasing everything to return to factory settings. Then I booted up the iPad with it connected to the PC. I can’t remember the exact sequence, but in iTunes I got the option to restore the iPad from the iPhone backup I just made.

I started the restore. It got most apps onto the iPad, at least to the point where they would start downloading in full. Some applications do not appear. Maybe they are incompatible with the iPad. But I have almost no restored data. No photos, no emails, no messages. The only restored data I could find was my library of books that I had picked up from my library and put on my iPhone using iTunes.

I tried restoring once more, this time making a new unencrypted backup first. No difference.

The last support person I spoke to was supposed to be on a higher level. I even let her share her screen. She could do no more than me. She created a new ticket and escalated it to an even higher level. I was supposed to get a response from them in 2-3 business days. It was a week ago.

Is it possible that apps direct (not iCloud) and data transfers just don’t work between an iPhone (iOS) and iPad (iPadOS) and Apple Support doesn’t realize it and the Quick Start developers forgot to include relevant warnings and error messages?

Or what else?


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